The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3401

Chapter 3401

As he walked, he accomplished a Consolidation. Then another one. The Second Consolidation of the
Five Great Paths was not obstructed at all. At that moment, his Five Great Path’s power increased

“How magical…”

James sat on the peak of a mountain and sensed the increase of the Five Great Paths. Sensing the
mysterious power that emanated from the Five Great Paths, he could not help but exclaim. Now, he
finally understood why some living beings were able to grow stronger this quickly. These people were
called prodigies.

The comprehension ability of prodigies was terrifying and many times that of ordinary people. They
could easily comprehend anything and save precious time cultivating.

James never believed himself to be a prodigy. However, upon the Second Consolidation of the Five
Great Paths, he was starting to believe he was one. After all, not anyone can comprehend the Five
Great Paths and accomplish Consolidation at the same time. James also knew that he was fortunate.
Otherwise, he would not have been able to connect the Five Great Paths, comprehend them, and
accomplish Consolidation at the same time.

Now, his Sword Path Ousia was at the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Third Tribulation. Meanwhile, the other
Paths were at the Second Consolidation. Apart from the Five Great Paths, the power of his other
Ousias was at the peak of the Second Consolidation. Now, he only needed to comprehend the Path
more to accomplish the Third Consolidation.

Ever since he was pursued by Herschel, James had a clear sense of his lack of strength. So, all he
ever did now was cultivate and battle. Time passed slowly in the outside world, but many years had
passed for him in the Time Formation.

He knew he needed more time to increase his rank further. Meanwhile, he would continue to face the
relentless onslaught of his enemies. So, he had no choice but to hurry. Now, only his physical strength
could be increased.

His physical strength had reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven after consuming the
Ancestral God Rank Elixir in the Apocalypse Age and the battle against Heaven’s Adjudicators.
Afterward, his physical strength remained stagnant for some time. Now that he was injured by the
Heavenly Path and contaminated by Karma, it was the perfect opportunity to refine his physical body.
He firmly believed that he would be able to resist Karma Power once his physical strength increased.
He was not afraid of the Heavenly Path’s injuries at all. As long as he could resist Karma Power, he
would be able to suppress the Heavenly Path’s injuries.

James sat in a lotus position on the ground and set up a Time Formation. Then, he began catalyzing
the secret arts to refine his physical body. At the same time, he catalyzed Elemental Ousia, which
materialized and appeared in mid-air, forming the Elemental Inversion Formation. The Elemental
Inversion Formation was capable of absorbing the power of heaven and earth to increase his Sword
Path’s power and the Five Great Paths Ousia.
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Increasing one’s physical strength was nearly impossible. Only through destruction could one truly
grow, so James’ current condition was ideal. Through the destruction brought about by Karma Power,
his physical strength was destroyed and rejuvenated over and over again. During the recovery process,
his physical strength grew stronger.

James refined his physical body.

Meanwhile, on Mount Heavenly Path…

Herschel was at a loss. He planted a sigil in James’ body beforehand, yet due to James’ uniqueness,
he could not track his current whereabouts. Each attempt to trace James’ movements would cause him

to exert much energy.

“How annoying… As expected of a being who cultivated the Five Great Paths… Though his rank is
insignificant, he’s able to annihilate so many powerful figures. Let us see what you’ve got…” Herschel

He wanted to annihilate James no matter the cost. This time, he would be using a true genius of Mount
Heavenly Path.

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