The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3404

Chapter 3404

James and Winnie’s gazes met. In just a few seconds, however, James averted his gaze. He did not
want anyone, especially Mount Heavenly Path, to learn of his relationship with her.

Meanwhile, Sienna’s appearance attracted the attention of many. Under their watchful gazes, Sienna
walked toward James in mid-air. Unconsciously, many parted ways for her.

Sienna Callahan was the seventh daughter of the Callahans. Meanwhile, apart from her, the rest of the
eight daughters of the Callahans were all Ancestral Gods. Many of them were Terra Ancestral Gods.
The most terrifying of all was Thea Callahan, who was a Caelum Ancestral God. Her strength made her
one of the most powerful figures in this universe.


Appearing a hundred meters away, Sienna looked at the wretched state James was in and said,
“Follow me to the Callahans. There’s no way Mount Heavenly Path would cross the Callahans just for a

James looked at her and shook his head slightly.

“Thank you for your offer, Sienna. But Mount Heavenly Path is targeting me. Even without Thea, they
will still make a move against me. I don’t want to get the Callahans involved.”

Anxious, Sienna said, “But how would you survive without the Callahans’ protection? Even if you
achieve a few victories here and there, there will only be more and more pursuers going after your life.
How can you live for long?”

“Even if I die, I’m gonna drag a few down to hell with me.” James clenched the Divine Sword in his

Sienna advised, “Don’t be stubborn. I just received news that Mount Heavenly Path has sent Honorius
Gunner after you. Do you know who he is? Though he’s a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor, he’s ranked
third in his rank. Not only that, he has cultivated four Ousias and possesses four Ousias. He’s not
afraid going up against a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor.”

Sienna came here personally because she was worried James would perish in Honorius’ hands. So,
she planned to bring him to the Callahans. After all, she believed that Mount Heavenly Path would not
risk antagonizing the Callahans just for James.

James’ expression was grim.

After some contemplation, he said, “Thank you for your kind gesture. However, I have long put death
behind me. So what if I die?”


Sienna was exasperated.

At that moment, a figure appeared. She was wearing a black dress and an ice-cold expression on her

“Bria Callahan?”

Upon seeing the woman who just appeared, the crowd’s faces turned pale as they staggered

Bria Callahan, the eighth daughter of the Callahans, was a Caelum Ancestral God and a figure among
the top ten in this universe.
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Thea glanced at Sienna and said, “Return home, Sienna. I told you he won’t go to the Callahans.”


Anxiety was written on Sienna’s face. How would James survive without going to the Callahans?

Thea turned to look at James and asked, “Are you willing to follow me back to the Callahans? The
Callahans will protect you from danger. I believe Mount Heavenly Path won’t dare do anything against

James looked at her.

He knew that Herschel was not trying to kill him just because he called Thea’s name. There must be
other reasons. After all, there was no need to go to such lengths for a mere woman.

“You are a Caelum Ancestral God. Do you really think Herschel’s trying to kill me just because I called
your name? If I go to the Callahans, I will only drag you into the conflict,” James said.

Thea said, “Of course I know. Why don’t we ruminate over the real reason after we have guaranteed
your safety?”

Thea was here because Sienna pleaded with her to come.

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