The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3406

Chapter 3406

As James stared at Honorius, he could sense an incredible power coming from him. From Sienna and
Thea’s words, he learned of his strength. Honorius was a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor who cultivated
flour Ousias. Not only that, he remained in the same rank for many Epochs and possessed immense
power. He even stood a chance against a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. Such strength was terrifying.

James knew how difficult this battle would be. If he could not defeat Honorius, he could perish here.
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Honorius was staring at James as well. However, his expression was composed and devoid of all

As their gazes met, the atmosphere in the air became tense.

In the distance gathered many living beings. They simply remained silent and observed. They knew
that they would not have a chance to intervene now that Honorius was here.

“James,” Honorius said, “I’ve heard of your deeds. You are a true genius. If you hadn’t offended Mount
Heavenly Path, you’d become one of the greatest figures in this universe. What a shame. I’ll give you
the opportunity to commit suicide while you still can.”

He spoke nonchalantly as if James posed no threat to him at all. However, he was capable of being
arrogant as a true prodigy of an era. Though he remained stagnant in the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor
Rank, he was merely trying to achieve perfection and not because he could not make a breakthrough.
If he had chosen to make a breakthrough, he would have been an Ancestral God long ago.

James stared at him coldly and clenched the Divine Sword in his hand.

“Cut the cr*p.”

His aura soared. Knowing that Honorius possessed immense power, he knew he could not hold back.
The power of all the Ousias in this body gushed out, gathering to increase James’ aura. In combination

with his physical strength which was at the Sixth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank, his power now reached
the Seventh Heaven. Now, even against a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor, he might still stand a

“That’s it?”

Sensing the fluctuations in James’ aura, Honorius glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “You are a
true genius. What a shame that your rank is too weak. If the power of your Ousias is stronger, I might
not stand a chance against you. However, you are no match for me now. I do not wish to kill you.
However, I have the Young Master’s orders.”

Honorius’ expression was calm and composed. His every action and word spoke of invincibility. James
knew he was no match for Honorius.

At that moment, he catalyzed Sacrilegious Ascension, which he had not used for a very long time.
Sacrilegious Ascension was the significant cultivation method of the Demonic Ape Race and had strict
requirements for the physical body. This was a mysterious secret art that increases one’s strength.

As James catalyzed Sacrilegious Ascension, his spine shattered, and a mysterious power emerged,
frantically absorbing the power of heaven and earth to reshape the shattered spine. His aura merged
with heaven and earth, rising dramatically. His aura soared. At that moment, he was heaven and earth


Seeing this, many were stunned.

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