The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3408

Chapter 3408

James’ power shocked everyone, even Honorius who did not think much of James. James’ power was
so immense that even he was feeling anxious. He knew it would be difficult to emerge victorious.
However, he also knew that James forcibly increased his strength by using secret arts. As such, he
would not be able to remain in this state for too long. If he could prolong the battle, he would certainly

He unsheathed his blade, which appeared in his hand. The blade was ordinary in size and glimmered a
golden light. There were also mysterious inscriptions and characters engraved on the sword. It was
apparent that this was an Imperial Weapon.

Holding the blade while wearing a grim expression, he uttered word by word, “Make a move, James.”

James gazed at the living beings in the distance. After dealing with Honorius, he would also have to
deal with them. Besides, due to the Heavenly Path’s injuries and Karma inside his body, not to mention
that he resorted to secrets arts, he could not last long in a fight. So, he had to annihilate Honorius in the
shortest amount of time possible.


James’ voice boomed.

Then, his mind stirred, and the Divine Sword in his hand materialized into tens of thousands of Sword
Light. Sword Lights swept through everything in their path, each possessing power that could annihilate
even Eighth Heaven Grand Emperors.

Standing in the void, Honorius slashed the Sword Lights. Sword Lights also materialized from his
blade, gathering to form a barrier to shield him from the incoming Sword Lights. The void before him
instantly exploded. Powerful force spread throughout the planet, which was instantly destroyed. Such
was the strength of a Superpower, who could destroy worlds with a flick of a finger.

Of course, this was an ordinary world. In some powerful worlds, not even these extremely powerful
figures could destroy the planets. That was because the space there was solid.

After blocking James’ attack, Honorius made his move. His body flashed, and he disappeared without a
trace. In the next instant, he was already above James. Immediately, he slashed at James, summoning
a Sword Light.

James hurriedly dodged.

As the Sword Light descended, a massive black hole was created down below. This black hole was so
massive that it was as huge as the world.

In the distance gathered many living beings. Even Melinda and Winnie were standing in mid-air,
spectating the battle from above. Meanwhile, Sienna and Thea had not left but instead concealed
themselves in the shadows. They were curious to see if James was able to resolve this crisis. If not,
Thea would intervene and forcibly drag him to the Callahans. Once he was safe, she would head to
Mount Heavenly Path and seek to resolve the problem.
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However, the moment James demonstrated his strength, even Thea was stunned.

“Persistent, isn’t he? Isn’t that the power of the Dragon Race? How does he have that inside him?”

Even a Caelum Ancestral God like Thea could sense something was amiss. She sensed the power of
the Dragon Race coming from within James’ body. Moreover, it was some of the purest of all the
Dragon Race’s power.

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