The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3409

Chapter 3409

As she scrutinized James, she immediately saw through him and discovered the dragon bone inside
his body. Realization dawned on her face as she said, “I see! He has a dragon bone. It should have
been left behind by a Caelum Ancestral God.”

Sienna asked, “Does that mean that James is certain to win?”

Thea shook her head and said, “Not necessarily. Though the dragon bone’s power has increased his
strength tremendously, he was injured by the Heavenly Path. Combined with the Karma that has
enveloped him, he’s in a precarious situation. Besides…”

Shocked, Sienna asked, “Besides what?”

Thea said, “The dragon bone in James’ body only recorded the signature cultivation method of the
Dragon Race. Though it contains the power of a Caelum Ancestral God, the power is limited. Now that
James has activated it, this won’t last for long. I can sense that his power will diminish once the energy
is depleted. To activate the power of the dragon bone once more, he would have to wait for the energy
to be replenished.”

As a Caelum Ancestral God, Thea saw through James.

Hearing this, Sienna was worried about James as she said, “If he’s in danger, you have to drag him out
of there.”

Thea nodded, “Mhm.”

In the distance, the fierce battle continued.

Through various methods, James forcibly increased his strength. Meanwhile, as a Fifth Heaven Grand
Emperor, Honorius did not let his guard down against James. He summoned all his strength, and the
power of the four Path Seals in his body was activated. Even so, he could fight James to a standstill.

The moment the battle began, James finally understood how terrifying Honorius was. As he summoned
all his strength, the Heavenly Path’s injuries, and Karma Power began to rear their ugly heads. James
knew he had to end the battle as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would perish here.

As his mind stirred, 108 Infinity Steles materialized.

“The Infinity Steles?”

Many powerful figures turned pale. Even Thea’s gaze was firmly fixed on the Infinity Steles James
summoned as she praised, “How fortunate of him! He has obtained even the Infinity Steles of the
Boundless Road. Who exactly is he?”

The moment the Infinity Steles appeared, Honorius began losing ground. With all his might, he blocked
the relentless bombardment of the Infinity Steles and knocked them away. Before James
comprehended the mysterious inscriptions on the Infinity Steles, they were nothing more than blunt

Seeing that the Infinity Steles could not annihilate Honorius, James used the ace up his sleeves — the
Five Elements of Genesis.

The Five Elements of Genesis materialized and formed the Elemental Wheel. The Elemental Wheel
was formed by merging the Five Elements of Genesis. This power was terrifying, and everywhere the
wheel went, destruction followed.

Thea stared at the Elemental Wheel.

“The treasure of the Five Ancestral Masters?”

She knew about the Five Ancestral Masters. They were some of the oldest figures of this universe and
had lived for many years. Not even Mount Heavenly Path had existed when they were born.

The more treasures James summoned, the more stunned Thea was.

Meanwhile, under the relentless assault by the Elemental Wheel, Honorius’ rhythm was disrupted.
James seized the opportunity and catalyzed the Five Great Paths, striking Honorius with his guard

Though Honorius was struck by the Elemental Wheel, he merely suffered grave injuries.

At that moment, threads of black aura materialized from within James’ body, gathering to form a bizarre
dark lotus. As the dark lotus materialized, it flew toward Honorius and trapped him with some roots that
materialized, frantically absorbing his power.


James laughed maniacally. His expression was horrifying.
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After being injured by the Elemental Wheel, Honorius was now trapped by the dark lotus. Unable to
break free, his power was quickly being sapped away.

His face turned pale.

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