The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3417

Chapter 3417

He could write the events that occurred in the future and research these characters that transformed
into the Karma Script. With time, he would slowly but gradually create a cultivation method for
absorbing Karma Power.

As a Caelum Ancestral God, Thea immediately understood this. She now knew that there was no point
in her staying. As she could not understand these characters, she could not help James out.

She stood up and looked at James, saying, “Allow me to congratulate you in
Not only have you mastered the Five Great Paths, but you are even showing progress in the Karma
Path. You will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.”

James smiled and said, “No matter how strong I am, I will forever be your husband. Whether or not you
remember you, you will forever be my woman.”

Thea looked at James strangely before disappearing without a trace.


James laughed.

Since Thea did not push him away, this meant that she had tacitly accepted him. Upon thinking about
this, James could feel butterflies in his stomach. His journey to the Primeval Age was not in vain. With
time, he would make Thea accept him.

Meanwhile, Thea did not leave the place. Rather, she concealed herself in the void a distance away.
Standing in the void, she watched James silently. A grim expression was visible on her stunningly
beautiful face as she contemplated.

After Thea left, James gradually calmed down.

He looked at the characters on the paper.

The moment Thea mentioned Karma, he immediately understood everything. As he was contaminated
by karma, everything he said was Heaven’s Secret — the Karma that was attached to him. These
events could not be learned by anyone of this age and could only materialize in the form of the Karma
Script. Now, he only needed to research the characters and create a cultivation method for absorbing
Karma Power.

However, the characters before him were insufficient. He grabbed his pen and began writing all the
significant events in the future. In the meantime, he thought about the past and Henrik Declan. The first
time he met Henrik, he realized that he was knowledgeable. He knew that Brielle Labhrann would be
the first to become an Emperor in the Apocalypse Age.

At that moment, James believed that Henrik was a mysterious man. Perhaps he had come from the

Soon, he jotted everything down.

Unsurprisingly, these events were transformed into a mysterious script. Each character had a different
form that was ever-changing. These characters seemed to have a life of their own. The more James
researched, the more mysterious and profound they seemed to be. novelebook.comAs such, he could
only connect the characters to the meaning he wish to describe to understand the meaning of these
characters. Slowly and gradually, he began to understand the characters of the Karma Script. With
these characters, he could now create a cultivation method with ease. Even so, the execution would be
nigh impossible. That was because his understanding of the Elysian Script may not be entirely
accurate. This would create huge obstacles in his way of creating a cultivation method.
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Then, he calmed down and began comprehending the meaning of these characters and the changes in
each Karma Script. The changes in each character contained a mysterious meaning, and by

comprehending the Path, all other Paths would be easy to comprehend. Throughout the process of
comprehending Karma, James’ other Ousias unknowingly accomplished Consolidation.

At that moment, all of his Ousias were at the Third Consolidation.

“How unbelievable…”

James took a deep breath.

“As expected of the Karma Path that represents everything. By comprehending Karma, I have
comprehended all other Paths.”

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