The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3418

Chapter 3418

As James comprehended the Karma Path and researched the Karma Script, he understood more
about the other Paths, and they all accomplished the Third Consolidation. Upon accomplishing the
Third Consolidation, his Ousia Power rose drastically once more.

In the void a distance away…

Thea did not leave but instead observed James from afar. As James accomplished the Third
Consolidation, she sensed it.

“Such incredible potential… You have nothing to be afraid of even if Herschel sends more of his men
after you. You should be able to overcome this ordeal.”

James’ potential was too terrifying, and there were simply too many treasures at his disposal.

So, Thea did not linger for long and turned to leave.

Meanwhile, after accomplishing the Third Consolidation for every Ousia, James stopped temporarily.
Although he researched the Karma Script, it would still be difficult to create a cultivation method for
absorbing Karma Power. He required more research and comprehension. Meanwhile,
every character he wrote had countless changes, and he needed to figure out the connection between
the changes. Only then could he create a cultivation method. However, he was not in a hurry to do so.
He believed that sooner or later, he would be able to succeed.

Now that all his Ousias were at the Third Consolidation, the process was much simpler now. Now, he
just needed to absorb the power of heaven and earth and keep dividing the Ousias to form Path Seals.
Upon forming the Path Seals, he needed to continue comprehending the Paths and merge them with
the Path Seals. The more Paths he comprehended, the more he could merge. Meanwhile, the higher
his rank, the more powerful the Path Seals.

James scanned his surroundings.

This world had an abundance of energy. He immediately catalyzed the Five Elements of Genesis and
formed the Elemental Inversion Formation. The Five Elements dispersed and formed the
Superformation. The moment the Formation was established, all the power of heaven and earth in this
world was frantically absorbed by the Elemental Inversion Formation and transformed into his power.
The power of each of his Ousia grew. However, not to the point where the Ousias could be divided. He
needed immense power to divide the Ousias. Meanwhile, the energy in this desolated world was totally
not sufficient for him. Now, he needed to head to some big worlds. In big worlds, there were many
Spiritual Worlds, and Primordial Pulses were hidden beneath them. Meanwhile, the Primordial Pulses
would keep generating Primordial Energy. The greater the world, the more living beings there would be
residing there. Subsequently, there would be more Primordial Pulses. Only worlds with Primordial
Pulses were able to support James’ demand.

James stood up and stretched. The Heavenly Path’s injuries inside his body had been suppressed by
Sienna’s Dark Power. Though the remaining Karma Power continued to damage his
body, his current physical strength was enough to withstand Karma Power.

“Now, I just need to cultivate more. With my Dark Lotus and Elemental Inversion Formation, I can
quickly absorb all sorts of power. I will soon cross into the Grand Emperor Rank.”

James was full of confidence.
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His body flashed, and he disappeared from this desolate world.

This age had seven huge worlds—the Human Realm, Demon Realm, Fiend Realm, Underworld
Realm, Asura Realm, the Realm of Nothingness, and the Nine Heavens Realm. These seven worlds
were the largest in this universe, and each of them was divided into three dimensions.

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