The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3419

Chapter 3419

The Human Realm was the strongest of all seven realms, and in which many powerful figures of the
Human Race gathered. Meanwhile, the Demon Realm was where the Demon Race resided. The Fiend
Realm was the territory of the Fiend Race, and the Underworld Realm was the territory of the
Underworld Race. In the Realm of Nothingness lived illusory creatures who were unique in their
existence. Meanwhile, the Nine Heavens Realm was named after the Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor
Rank. No one knew why it was named as such.

James planned to head to these worlds because they were the only ones who had an abundance of
energy for him to absorb. That way, he would not have to travel far and wide all the time. As for the
pursuers, he no longer cared about them. With time, his strength would soon reach a level where he
could annihilate them with ease.

Meanwhile, James crossed the Human Realm off his list. Since Mount Heavenly Path’s headquarters
was in the Human Realm, heading there would be a death wish. After weighing the
pros and cons, he chose to head to the Realm of Nothingness because it was a mysterious place. He
had heard of these worlds when he traveled across the universe. This world once produced a
Macrocosm Ancestral God who was called the Lord of Nothingness.

When the Lord of Nothingness dominated the universe, Mount Heavenly Path had yet to exist. Perhaps
Hadad Theophanes had yet to be born, or perhaps he was still an insignificant human.

As James headed to the Realm of Nothingness, Melinda was already back at Mount Heavenly Path.
Upon her return, she immediately entered the Chamber of Scriptures and collected all Supernatural
Arts and records of the distant past that had existed since antiquity. She came here primarily because
she saw James using the bizarre-looking Dark Lotus, which she believed had a long history. So, she
came here to do her research. After scrolling through countless ancient texts, she found some clues
inside one of them.

“Countless years ago, this universe was dominated by the Lord of Nothingness. However, a Divine
Soul was born out of the malevolence in his heart and created a brand-new being. That being was
called the Dark Lotus Demonic Ancestral Master, whose Natal Treasure was a Dark Lotus. The Dark
Lotus was unspeakably malevolent. As the manifestation of the malevolence of a Macrocosm Ancestral
God, it could devour all the energy of heaven and earth.”
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Upon seeing this, Melinda’s expression turned grim as she murmured, “Is James’ Dark Lotus related to
the Lord of Nothingness who disappeared without a trace? If so, doesn’t that mean that James has
something to do with the previous Macrocosm Ancestral God?”

After some contemplation, Melinda put away the ancient text in her possession and turned to leave the
Chamber of Then, she headed to the mountain where Herschel was

At that moment, Herschel was sitting on his throne while wearing a grim expression on his face.

“Herschel,” she called out to him.

Herschel collected himself and looked at Melinda. Immediately, the sorrow and anxiety on his face
disappeared to be replaced by a bright smile as he said, “Hey there, is something the matter?”

Melinda walked toward him and said, “I’m bored. I’m just wandering around this place.”

Doubtful, Herschel said, “Is that so? Cut to the chase.”

Melinda asked, “Why did you give the order to pursue James?”

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