The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3421

Chapter 3421

“Besides, why can I sense the presence of Karma Power when I tried to divine his location? It seems
that the Karma Power intends to deter me from trying.”

Radomir could not figure this out. Though he could ignore the presence of Karma Power, he could not
extrapolate everything about James. Even though he was ranked second in this universe, he could not
do anything about this.

So, he did not linger for long and turned to leave.

In the next instant, he was at Herschel’s palace. Standing in the main hall, he clasped his fists and
said, “Young Master.”

Herschel looked at him and asked, “How did it go? Did you divine anything about James?”

Radomir shook his head slightly and said while wearing a grim expression, “No, I can’t divine anything
about him.”

Hearing this, Herschel was stunned. Astonished, he asked, “You can’t?”

“Yes.” Radomir nodded.

“This makes no sense,” Herschel said. “The Heavenly Path controls everything in the universe. As long as someone or something exists, there must be traces of them. The Heavenly
Path should have records of their existence. So why can’t we extrapolate anything about him?”

Radomir shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. I only know there are no records of James in all the
rules and order of the Heavenly Path. He seems to have appeared out of thin air. Or perhaps he
doesn’t belong to this age or universe. There’s another possibility, however. There could be some
extremely powerful figure silently erasing all traces of the Heavenly Path from the shadows. However,
he or she must be a Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

Radomir stated his hypotheses.

Hearing this, Herschel’s expression turned grimmer. This meant that James’ threat to Mount Heavenly
Path was even greater than before.

“Have there been any anomalies recently by the Heavenly Path?” Herschel asked.

Radomir asked, “Which aspect are you referring to?”

After some contemplation, Herschel said, “Anything that’s related to Mount Heavenly Path.”

Radomir said, “Not at all. Everything related to Mount Heavenly Path’s operating rules is operating as
usual. There have been no anomalies.”

“I see. You’re dismissed.”

Herschel waved slightly.

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Radomir nodded and turned to leave.

Upon returning to his accommodation, his expression turned grim. Sitting in a lotus position on the
ground, he casually waved his hand, and countless operating rules appeared before him. These
operating rules were lines intersecting with each other. Though they seemed complicated, each line
had its underlying connections.

As Radomir watched these operating rules, he fell into deep thought.

Meanwhile, Herschel continued extrapolating James’ location. Honorius’ defeat meant that James
possessed terrifying strength. So, he needed to send more terrifying figures after James. James was a

hidden threat who would emerge as a threat to Mount Heavenly Path’s rule over the universe. To
eradicate the future threat, James had to die.

He did not wish to James any breathing room. Since a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor could no longer
annihilate James, he could only send a Sixth Heaven or Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor after him.

The prodigies in the Sixth and Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor Rank were at Mount Heavenly The moment he gave his order, all the powerful figures of these ranks appeared
before him.

There were many who were in these two ranks. Soon, about ten of them appeared before Herchel.

Herschel looked at them and said coldly, “I have summoned you here for only one purpose. Annihilate
James Caden.”

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