The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3423

Chapter 3423

Mount Nothingness is a dangerous place in the entire universe, let alone within the Realm of
Nothingness. This was especially so after the place had been abandoned following the disappearance
of the Lord of Nothingness. After being enveloped by vicious dark energy for countless years, even
extremely powerful figures could not resist the extent of its power. As such, common figures were
reluctant to enter the Mount of Nothingness or the Palace of Nothingness if it were not for an urgent

“Since the Macrocosm Ancestral God once inhabited this Palace, this must be a place rich with natural
energies. If I can cultivate in the Palace, my rank will surely ascend rapidly, especially with my
absorption capacities endowed by Elemental Inversion Formation and the Dark Lotus,” James

With this thought, he headed towards the Mount of Nothingness. He would have to check for himself
whether the place is suited for cultivation.

He deployed the Space Path and slashed apart the void to leave his current city. In the next moment,
he appeared outside Mount Nothingness.

On a piece of empty land, he looked at the scenery casually. There was a massif in front of him,
enveloped by black mist. The entire sky was filled with black clouds, giving off very oppressive energy.

James started sensing the black mist around the massif. There was something uncanny about the
mists. It was not curse power, nor the power of the Dark World. Rather, it was Demonic Energy.

James felt his blood turn cold. The aura in this place was eerily similar to that of the Dark Lotus in his
body. It could be even said that they shared the same source.

“What’s going on?”

James’ eyebrows were lowered and close together as he murmured under his breath, “Why is the aura
of this place the same as the aura of the Dark Lotus and my body? Could it be that the Dark Lotus is
connected to here and the Lord of Nothingness?”

James could not understand the link between the two, but he could roughly draw a connection between
this place and the Dark If this is really the case, his physical body can ignore
any form of harm that Demonic Energy may inflict upon him. This would then also mean that this site is
the ideal place for cultivation for James.

“I have indeed come to the right place,” James was glad.

The moment he took a step forward into Mount Nothingness, an explosion happened from afar. Black
clouds exploded and a gigantic object materialized.

It was a black dragon. Its entire body was covered with black scales and surrounded by black mist.
Seemingly infuriated, the dragon opened its large mouth. In front of the dragon were a few clumsy
silhouettes trying to escape from danger.

When James could finally make out who the refugees were, he saw two men and a woman. All of them
looked very young, but they were badly injured and looked extremely worn out.

The enormous black dragon flew out of Mount Nothingness, opened its big mouth, and let out a kind of
black energy. novelebook.comJames sensed the threat of this black energy and immediately became
cautious. He summoned the Space Path, allowing space to split open so that the black energy could
attack the distance.

Seeing this, the fleeing group let out a breath of relief. However, the black dragon attacked again.

“A dragon at the Quasi Ancestral God Rank?” Sensing the aura of the dragon, James could not help
but feel worried.

Yet, when the dragon appeared above James, it seemed startled and immediately ran away. Within a
split second, the dragon disappeared from the area, hiding among the massif without a trace.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

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