The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3424

Chapter 3424

The fleeing group of people immediately let out a huge breath of relief upon seeing the dragon retreat.
All three of them were covered with blood and looked restless. It was obvious that they just came out
from a difficult battle. They had no energy nor desire to take care of first impressions and promptly sat
down on the floor, respectively summoning energies to heal their injuries.

James looked at the two men and the woman from afar. The two men resembled each other, so they
were probably brothers. As for the woman who wore a white dress, her dress was now covered with
blotches of red. Some parts of it were torn, uncovering serious injuries on her bare skin.

He could sense that all three of them have attained the Quasi Ancestral God Rank and that their
mastery within the rank was relatively strong.

Upon arriving at this age, James encountered many powerful figures. As such, he had some
understanding of the Quasi Ancestral God There are three divisions within the
Rank, namely the Illuminated Rank, the Theosophical Rank, and the Path Integration Rank. As an
illustration, the Heavenly Adjudicator who appeared In the Apocalypse Age was of the Path Integration
Rank. As for the three in front of him, they were of the Theosophical Rank, whereas the black dragon
who sought after them was of the Path Integration Rank.

After a short break, the three stood up and walked towards James. One man opened up first. “Thank
you so much for your help, my fellow cultivator. If it weren’t for you, all of us would have died here.”

James was wearing a mask that covered half of his face. His facial features were not fully visible to the
group. Staring at them, he said coldly, “This is a dangerous place. Even Ancestral Gods would not
casually come here. Why then are you here?”

The leader of the group replied, “We’re here to look for providence, as we haven’t been able to break
through the Quasi Ancestral God Rank for countless years.” He then started introducing himself, “I am

Hadrian Stuart, this is my younger brother Herbert. And she’s Mia Londyn, the princess of the Londyn
Dynasty. We’re all here to look for providence and boon.”

James nodded his head gently.

“And you?” Hadrian asked James.

James replied without much expression, “My name is unimportant. This place is menacing. Now that
you’re away from danger, leave quickly now.” James said very little, as his name must not be exposed
easily. Otherwise, Mount Heavenly Path would find out sooner or later, and its killers would arrive here
very soon. James was not strong enough at the current moment. He would not be able to handle more
killers as of now.

Without many words, he walked in the direction of Mount Nothingness.

“Wait,” Hadrian shouted, and the three followed suit,

James paused, squeezing his brows at the three, “Yes, anything else?”

The group could sense that James’ rank was not high, yet his casual move of opening up space with
tremendous ease proved their estimations They were here to search for
providence after all, so they could not afford to lose this opportunity.

With a bright smile, Hadrian asked, “Are you going into Mount Nothingness to head to the Palace of

James nodded gently, “I do have such plans.”

Hadrian’s eyes lit up, “We would also like to have a look. Can we please follow you?”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

The other two looked at James, filled with hope that James could bring them along on this journey
toward the legendary Palace of Nothingness.

“We met thanks to serendipity. Since you insist, I can lead the way. However, life and death are fated.
I’m unable to guarantee your life and safety,” James replied.

Although he had yet to absorb Karma Power, he understood Karma very well.

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