The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3425

Chapter 3425

James roughly understood Karma. This entire world was connected by it, so he did not turn down the
group’s request. Plus, Sophie once said that he was touched by Karma. Many of the people he knew
have appeared to help him share his Karma. Initially, as the group had the choice to leave, they had
little Karma with James. But once they followed James on his journey, their Karma with him would
magnify. James fully understood this, so he wanted the group to share his Karma.

As for what lay ahead of the group, James did not take that into consideration. He had already done his
part by reminding them of the consequences.

Hadrian responded without hesitation, “We have long put aside life and death.”

Herbert added, ”There’s enormous providence hidden within Mount Nothingness. Danger and
providence coexist with each other, so we understand this fully.”

Mia nodded her head as well, saying, “We know very little about Mount Nothingness, so you’ll need to
lead the way. Please don’t be worried about the rest.”

The three were determined to enter the mountain.

James’ interest was sparked, and asked, “Although Mount Nothingness does indeed
have a lot of providence, the three of you surely need a reason to enter the mountain. What exactly are
you looking for in the Palace?”

“The Art of Nothingness,” the group responded at the same time.

Appalled, James asked, “What is that?”

Mia explained, “This is a signature martial art skill created by the previous Macrocosm Ancestral God,
the Lord of Nothingness. Should we acquire it, we can cultivate an immensely powerful skill and
perhaps successfully break through the Quasi Ancestral God rank.”

“I see,” James nodded. No wonder they were willing to risk their lives.

James continued to speak, “I have never been to Mount Nothingness, so I’m unsure as to what it’s like
there, let alone the Palace. Once we enter the mountain, I really cannot guarantee your safety.”
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“Don’t worry.”

“You’re highly skilled, so we should be able to reach the Palace safely.”

“Please lead the way.”

The three of them spoke consecutively, reassuring James.

Without further words then, James turned around and took the first steps. He did not walk too quickly or
too slowly. Each step was equivalent to a thousand meters. Very soon, they arrived at the outer part of
Mount Nothingness.

Black mist was already visible in the area. Once they arrived here, the three summoned their powers,
creating a protective layer over their skin that could resist the invasion of the black mist.

Frightening demonic energies were encapsulated within the mist. Yet, the Demonic Energy not only
failed to harm James but even made James feel more at ease once it entered his body.

At that moment, his entire body’s pores opened up, intensely absorbing the Demonic Energy within the
black mist.novelebook.comThey were like extra doses of dopamine, allowing James’ mood to lighten
up much more.

“How skilled!”

“He can even absorb Mount Nothingness’ Demonic Energy. What a cultivator!”

“That must mean that this place isn’t a dangerous place for him. Now the only thing to worry about is
the hidden living beings in the mountain that have Energy Deviation.”

The three conversed.

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