The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3426

Chapter 3426

After entering the area of Mount Nothingness and sensing the Demonic Energy encapsulated within its
black mists, James felt confident that his physical energy would improve if he stayed here long enough.
Even the energy in the area’s perimeters where it was not the strongest felt good to James. Should he
start cultivating, he would allow the surrounding black mists to enter him, nourishing his physical body.

The three behind him, however, continued to summon their energies to create a protective layer over
their bodies, resisting the invasion of Demonic Energy. They did not have Demonic Bodies, thus an
overwhelming amount of Demonic Energy entering their body might cause unpredictable results.

After walking for a short while, the black mists around them thickened, so much so that their vision was The visibility was further reduced due to the thick Demonic Energy within the
mists, which was opaque to even the strongest of the Divine Sense. This meant that James was not
able to accurately see what was happening at a distance.

This situation reminded James of the Dark World. He could only see things as far as a thousand
meters. Anything beyond that was completely blocked from sight.

He stopped suddenly.

“What’s up, James?” Hadrian asked, “Why have you stopped?”

Herbert and Mia both looked curiously at James.

James replied, “This is also my first time at Mount Nothingness. I’m not familiar with the situation here
and am unsure as to where the Palace of Nothingness is located. But the three of you aren’t new to this
place, are you?”

Hadrian nodded, “That’s right. Indeed, we’ve been here many times.”

As he spoke, he looked at Mia.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Mia immediately took out a map and handed it over to James.

James took the map from Mia, and asked, “What’s this?“

Mia explained, “I am the princess of the Londyn Dynasty. Although my dynasty is not the strongest in
this universe, it is definitely one of the strongest in the Realm of Nothingness. This is a map drawn by
my family’s Grand Patriarch. My ancestors have been exploring Mount Nothingness since the
beginning of time, so we understand the situation of the mountain slightly better than everyone else.
This map is the product of many generations of our hard work.”

“I see.” James nodded.

He opened up the map. It was a very big one. The map included map areas within the mountain. Every
incident of danger in each area was recorded clearly in the past. However, James noticed that the map
was not very comprehensive, as it did not include the location of the Palace.

“There’s no indication of the Palace on the map, is there?” James inquired.

Mia looked sheepish and answered, “The Palace of Nothingness was where the previous Macrocosm
Ancestral God stayed. As such, it’s very mysterious and is hidden in the depths of Mount Nothingness.
Legend has it that there’s even a powerful formation guarding it. Even if Ancestral Gods came
themselves, they may not be able to walk to the Palace. One of my Ancestral Gods did manage to
come here but was met with a monster whose rank was that of the Ancestral Gods. novelebook.comHe
was defeated and has never come again since.”

“I see,” James nodded gently and kept the map. He said, “In that case, we can only look for it

This area was dangerous for many others, but it was an ideal site for cultivation for James. The
Demonic Energy here shared the same source with the Dark Lotus, which meant it also shared the
same source with its own energy. He could therefore absorb and cultivate it as he pleased.

He walked straight ahead, followed by the three. They were very sure, as long as they followed James,
they would soon arrive at the Palace of Nothingness. If they were lucky, they could even acquire
whatever the Lord of Nothingness left for his descendants.

James looked for directions with every step he took. He could only come up with a brief estimation as
to where he was.

He moved very quickly. Each step propelled him forward by a thousand meters.

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