The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3427

Chapter 3427

After they walked for around an hour or so, they saw a swampy area in front of them. The area was
huge. Enormous bubbles appeared from the surface. Once they floated into the air, they burst into
miasmas of unpleasant gas.

James looked at the map again. The map recorded that this area is a dangerous one. The swampy
area was filled with mystical power. Any living being who crossed the area will be absorbed by this
power into its depths. Once trapped within the area, it would be extremely difficult to escape. In
addition, there is an uncanny monster living in the swamps. This monster was very skilled in attacking
souls. It could create many mirages, trapping the living beings who passed by.

This meant nothing to James. He mastered the Five Great Paths, so crossing the swampy area was
not a problem at all.

“James.” Right when James wanted to summon the Space Path so that space could divide itself across
this area, Mia opened up urgently and said, “James, there’s something I must say.”

James turned around, looked at her, and responded, “Yes?”

Mia answered, “Based on the information given by my ancestors, we have to complete
a series of challenges before arriving at the Palace. All the monsters that one encounters upon entering
Mount Nothingness are the challenges set up by the Lord of Nothingness. Avoiding these obstacles
would render our entry to the Palace invalid.”

“What?” James was stupefied.

“Yes indeed,” Mia nodded and said, “This is information given by the living beings in this area to my
ancestors, who were trapped in numerous dangerous places within the mountain. These living beings
were left here by the Lord of Nothingness to protect the mountain and the Palace. In this swampy area,

there’s a monster who could create mirages, trapping living beings within forever. Anyone who lacks a
strong cultivation heart would fall prey to these mirages easily.”

Upon hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows. The purpose of this journey of his was not the Palace
nor the legacy of the Lord of Nothingness. He was here merely to use its natural energy to cultivate,
thus he simply has no reason to risk his life. However, he was curious as to how the Macrocosm
Ancestral God disappeared.

In one of the rumors he heard, the Dark World declared war on the Illuminated World, causing the Lord
of Nothingness, who was the Macrocosm Ancestral God to be completely eradicated. Another rumor
had it that the Lord of Nothingness was killed by a being materialized from his malicious thoughts.

The Dark Lotus within James’ body and his physical body were so intimately connected to this place
that he could not resist the temptation to find out what exactly was the link In all
cases, the living beings of Mount Heavenly Path would not be arriving here anytime soon. Even if they
do manage to arrive at Mount Nothingness, they might not have the guts to enter.

After some thought, James decided to test himself against the many challenges set up by the Lord of
Nothingness and see whether he would be able to find the Palace.

“Right,” James nodded and said, “If that’s the case, let’s give it a try,”
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Hearing this, the group was ecstatic. The three had arrived at the swamp many times, but were afraid
of facing the swamp’s monster head-on and always sought a way to avoid it. However, now that James
was willing to go through these obstacles one by one, they were delirious. They had faith that following
James would be their only way in finding the Palace.

“Please, do lead the way. We’ll follow you from behind. We put our lives in your hands. If you aren’t
able to overcome this obstacle, then the three of us will die here,” Mia said solemnly.

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