The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3430

Chapter 3430

James looked at the gates in front of him. If Mia’s brother was here before, and he even sent news
back home, then she must be very familiar with this place.

He looked at Mia and asked, “Is the challenge for this round difficult?”

Mia answered, “Not too hard, not too easy.”

James looked at her with a confused look on his face.

She explained further, “For those with a strong and stable cultivation heart, this challenge is very easy.
As long as your cultivation heart is strong enough, each mirage can be easily solved. But if yours isn’t
strong enough, then you will be continuously trapped in the mirages created by the monster. I
remember clearly that my brother told us that he used three years to eradicate multilayered monsters,
and managed to finally arrive at the depths of the palace where he defeated the monster.”

Upon hearing this, James asked, “Then may I know the cultivation rank of the monster?”

Mia answered, “It’s at the Quasi Ancestral Rank.”

James looked at all three of them. All of them were at the Quasi Ancestral Rank. As long as they could
overcome the mirages, defeating the monster would not be a problem for them.

“Alright, let’s go and have a look.” James wanted to see what the mirages looked like for himself, and
also test whether his cultivation heart was strong enough.

He marched towards the gates. Due to the previous explosion of black gasses, James was still rather
cautious about his movement.

Suddenly, the black palace’s gates opened even before they reached it. An infinite amount of gasses
floated outwards from the palace. They condensed to form a winged monster that

James has never seen before, making a chill run down his spine.

At this moment, the monster changed form, becoming another monster, and another, and another…

Mia explained from behind, saying, “This is a monster made from Demonic Energy. Within Mount
Nothingness, there are infinite amounts of Demonic Energy, so monsters of the sort are rather
common. However, their power is extremely frightening. Some of them are even Ancestral Gods and
are difficult to kill.”

James looked still and hard at the monster in front of him. He could not feel any aura of life emanating
from it. It must have been a creation by a powerful figure within the depths of the mountain who used
their mind to condense Demonic Energy together.

James was not worried about these monsters. For him, they constituted the purest form of Demonic
Energy. He summoned the Ten Thousand Demon Art, allowing the dark lotus within him to materialize
into mystical power and forcefully absorb the monster in front of him.

In the blink of an eye, the Demonic Energy of the monster was completely absorbed by the dark lotus.
The dark lotus then returned part of that absorbed Energy to James, increasing his physical power.

Seeing this, the group of three was startled. Mia could not help but slightly tightened her eyebrows. She
waited for James to keep the dark lotus before asking, “James, what’s that thing?”
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“Not much,” James explained almost nothing and marched in the direction of the palace.

Mia’s expression was stern. The Londyn family was prominent enough to know a lot about the situation
of Mount Nothingness. She had seen records in ancient scrolls.

“Legends have it that the malicious thoughts of the Lord of Nothingness materialized into a living being,
of which its original form resembles a dark Does this masked person have

anything to do with this?”

Although she had many questions, she did not ask further. Instead, she followed James into the

Once they entered the palace, a passageway entered their vision. The passageway was three meters
in height and two meters in width. On each side of the walls, the mysterious carvings of characters
could be seen.

It did not take long for the characters to materialize into living beings who attacked the group once they
set foot into the passageway.

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