The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3431

Chapter 3431

In an instant, James sensed danger. He moved to the outside of the passage and dodged a series of

The other three were quick to react too, dodging the series of attacks easily.

When the three of them exited the passage, the strange living beings disappeared.

Furrowing his brows, James asked, “What was that?”

Hadrian and Herbert turned to look at Mia as only she was familiar with the area.

Mia shook her head.

The message her brother sent her that year only had a rough description. She only knew that reaching
the deepest part of the palace and defeating the phantom beast meant successfully going through this

She did not know the details.

“So, we can only break in.” Looking at the stone walls ahead, Hadrian continued, “This must have been
left behind by a powerhouse.novelebook.comOnce we enter the passage, the Inscriptions on the stone
walls will launch attacks. I’ll give it a try first.”

While speaking, he moved forward.

Soon, he appeared in the passage. The moment he appeared, the texts on the stone walls came to life.
They turned into shadows holding various kinds of weapons, attacking the intruder continuously.

Every attack was exquisite, and their coordination was seamless.

Besides, their attack power was frightening. James could sense that their attack power was similar to
Hadrian’s cultivation rank.

At first, Hadrian could dodge the attacks leisurely and fight back.

However, after advancing a hundred meters, he could no longer continue forward. He could only leave.

His body already had injuries prior to this. After getting injured again, many bloody wounds appeared
on his body. Nonetheless, these wounds meant nothing to him as he was a powerhouse of the Quasi
Ancestral God Rank.

“I can’t go through this.” Hadrian shook his head and said, “They’re too strong. I can’t get through

Staring at the stone walls for a while, James spoke up, “I’ll give it a try.”

Then, he walked forward.

Once James was in the passage, the texts on the stone walls came alive and became shadows.

Holding all kinds of weapons, the shadows began to attack him. In a short moment, countless shadows
launched attacks, making him increase his speed to dodge the attacks.

His body moved forward without stopping. Soon, he reached a hundred meters.

When he reached there, a shadow flashed by, and the moment it flashed by, he suffered injuries. A
bloody wound appeared on his chest.

The power of his physical body had reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven, yet he was
injured instantly. Not only did his chest suffer injuries, but his entire body was also
covered in wounds.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

In just a moment, thousands of scars were added to his body.

There was still a long way until the end of the passage. It was at least ten thousand meters. If he
continued to move forward, he would definitely fail. At this time, he tried to use the Space Path to enter
space and avoid the attacks.

Unfortunately, this place had restrictions. He could not use the Space Path here. Thus, he wanted to
use the Time Path to stop the time.

Nevertheless, the Time Path had also been restricted by the mysterious power.

He decided he should not be reckless, so he turned to leave immediately and returned to the outside of
the passage.

“You can’t go through either?”

The three of them had heavy expressions.

James had injuries all over his body. Using the Life Path, vitality surged in his body right away and the
wounds on his body recovered instantly.

Gazing at the uncanny passage ahead, he fell into deep thought.

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