The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3433

Chapter 3433

The passage had disappeared, and it was replaced by the main hall of a palace.

In the main hall, there were three people.

“It was indeed an illusion.” Herbert continued, “It seems that my Cultivation Heart isn’t stable and strong

Hadrian sighed, “Average people can’t go through the passage. Thankfully, Master is around this time.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to break this illusion.”

James took in a deep breath.

Using his strong Cultivation Heart, he passed through the illusion.

At first, he was on the verge of giving up. He could break the illusion because someone told him it
might have been an illusion prior to If he were stuck here alone, he wouldn’t have
been able to leave even if he wanted to.

It was because he would never relate all of this to an illusion.

James stared at the palace. It was huge, around one thousand square meters. The entire place was
sealed, and there was no exit.

“How do we leave this place?” James scanned the surroundings and asked.

The three shook their heads.

It was their first time here as well, and they had never encountered such a situation before. Thus, they,
too, had no idea what to do.

When James was confused, a ray of light appeared before a shadow appeared in the main hall.

Upon seeing the shadow, James was stunned and could not help but take a few steps back.

“James, you can really run.”

The person who appeared looked at James with eyes filled with killing intent.

“Herschel…” James clenched his fist and jaw.

When the three saw the person, they also stepped back because the person’s aura was terrifying. It
oppressed them.

Besides, they knew the person. He was the Young Master of Mount Heavenly Path, and his existence
itself was frightening.

Putting the background of Mount Heavenly Path aside, Herschel was a Terra Ancestral God himself. In
addition to that, he could fight against Caelum Ancestral God powerhouses.

The three were suspicious of him.

Why was the Young Master of Mount Heavenly Path here?

Was he here for James?

The three turned to James.

Standing in the main hall, Herschel looked at James and smiled. “James, you won’t be able to run
away this time. This place will be where you’ll die.”

As he spoke, a terrifying aura burst from him. James could not withstand the aura and knelt on the

Besides that, under the pressure of this powerful aura, cracks appeared on his body. Soon, his body
cracked and his soul was badly wounded.

The hard ground he was kneeling on broke. He was covered in blood and sweat, his expression

At this time, in the deepest part of the palace, a lady in a white dress was sitting with her long, bare
legs on the table. On her back, there were several furry tails.

She looked magnificent, and her appearance was extremely beautiful. She was alluring.

Staring at the scene before her, she smiled, saying, “This guy seems interesting. He
has such a history with the Young Master of Mount Heavenly Path.

“I want to see if you can break the illusion even when facing the person you fear the most.”
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Meanwhile, James was trying his best to bear the pressure in the palace.

At this moment, he understood what was happening.

‘Why would Herschel appear here? It’s an illusion.’

Thinking of this, he immediately used all his power to fight back. He attacked powerfully and slashed
Herschel, dissipating him.

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