The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3434

Chapter 3434

It was an illusion.

At that moment, James understood the situation.

It was all due to the fact that Herschel once said he would not attack James personally. He would only
send living beings whose cultivation ranks were two stages higher than the latter to kill him.

For this reason, James knew the situation was an illusion.By using all of his strength, he broke the

The scene before him changed once more, and the few found themselves in a desert.

James took in a deep breath. It was all too scary.

The phantom beast hidden in the deepest part of the palace was terrifying. It managed to find out what
James feared the most and create an illusion.

In addition to that, the illusion felt real. He was not the only one who knew about Herschel’s His fellow companions also knew.

The three looked at James.

With a slight frown, Mia wanted to ask James questions but could not bring herself to ask them.

Meanwhile, Hadrian of the Stuarts did not think much of it and asked, “Who are you? How did you
become enemies with Mount Heavenly Path? Even the Young Master of Mount Heavenly Path wants to
kill you in person.”

When James glanced at Hadrian, the latter immediately shut his mouth and did not continue asking

James did not explain anything as he looked around his surroundings.

It was a vast desert, and they were surrounded by golden sand. In the distance, the wind blew, making
the golden sand fly in the sky.

“Where are we?”

James furrowed his brows.

Then, Mia spoke up, “This must be an illusion too. The phantom beast truly is scary, creating illusion
after illusion. It’s almost impossible to get to the deepest part of the palace.”
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“You’re right.”

James feared nothing, but he was now afraid of the phantom beast’s tricks.

One illusion came after another. When would it end?

Next, he needed to find a way to end the illusion.

Nonetheless, they were in a desert with no living beings or enemies in How
should they break the illusion this time?

“Let’s walk around the place,” suggested Mia.

James nodded.

They began walking in the desert. Soon, they saw an oasis.

In the oasis, there was a building, neither extravagant nor simple. It appeared grand from afar. The red
exterior wall made the manor look eye-catching.

The few arrived before the manor.

Once they arrived at the entrance, the door opened.

A beautiful, elegant woman in a white dress with long black hair walked out the door.

“Honey, you’re back.”

With a smile, the woman hurriedly walked over and pulled James’ hand. She appeared happy.

“Thea.” At once, James was surprised. He could not help but reach out and pull Thea into an embrace.
“Thea, I’ve finally found you. You’re finally back. Do you know how lonely I was when you weren’t

“Silly, aren’t I here? Let’s continue talking inside.”

Pulling James, Thea walked into the courtyard.

In the meantime, the three were shocked. They exchanged glances and had no idea what was going

“Bria Callahan?”

“Impossible. How could it be her?”

“What relationship does she share with him?”

“I’ve never heard of Bria having a partner. If she had one, her partner would be the Young Master of
Mount Heavenly Path. He openly courted Bria but was rejected.”

The three discussed the situation.

Then, they followed James and entered the manor.

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