The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3435

Chapter 3435

In the courtyard’s rest area, Thea clung to James as they chatted.

Mia did not know what relationship James shared with Bria, but she knew Bria would not appear here.
She was an illusion.

It was the phantom beast in the deepest part of the palace. It used James’ subconscious thoughts to
form illusions.

“Master, she isn’t real. She’s an illusion. You can’t be lost in this. If you don’t break the illusion, you’ll be
stuck here forever,” reminded Mia.

Of course, James knew it was an illusion. He was sober.

Thea of the Apocalypse Age had already become a part of the Ancestral God Rank However, the Thea of this age did not know of his existence.

Nevertheless, even if James knew it was an illusion, even if he knew the Thea before him was fake, he
missed her so much that he could not bear breaking the illusion.

After a while, he stood up.

Next to him, Thea also stood up. Confused, she looked at James and asked, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

James stared at Thea, her face, and her fluttering eyelashes. She looked so real.

As he raised his hand, a strong power appeared in his hand.

Thea stepped several steps back. With eyes filled with tears, she appeared pitiful. “Honey, are you
going to hit me?”

James closed his eyes and thought, ‘Thea, I will find you. It doesn’t matter who you are in this era. I will
definitely find you in my heart.

Then, he slapped Thea. The slap was so powerful that the moment it reached her, her body
disappeared instantly.

The scenery disappeared along with Thea.

When the scene before them appeared again, they found themselves in the dark palace.

“Phew!” James inhaled a deep breath and sighed. “It was so real. For a moment, I wanted to be lost in
the illusion forever.”

Looking at James with a shocked expression, Herbert could not help but ask, “Master, what’s your
relationship with Bria?”

James glanced at Herbert. At once, Herbert stopped talking.

The other two were stunned. The person putting on a facade was too scary.

The Young Master of Mount Heavenly Path wanted to kill him. Additionally, Bria, the scariest Callahan,
had a vague relationship with him.

Meanwhile, James scanned his surroundings.

They were in a black palace. There were doors everywhere, but they were all closed.

He spoke up, “This must be the palace where the phantom beast is. Which direction should we head
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The three shook their heads.

At random, James pointed in a direction and said, “Let’s walk this way.”

While speaking, he began walking, and soon, he arrived before a door. He then opened the door and
entered the place.

In the meantime, a charming, elegant, beautiful woman with a white dress was deep in thought.

‘Who is this guy?

‘The Young Master of Mount Heavenly Path has a grudge against him, and now he shares an
ambiguous relationship with Bria of the Callahans.’

This beautiful girl was the phantom beast that could create illusions.

She cultivated the Phantom Path. She could create different illusions, and the illusions would appear so
real that it was hard to tell them apart from reality.

Even though she used a living being’s subconscious mind to create illusions, she could not dive into a
living being’s soul and see everything.

Her interest in James grew. She wanted to find out his biggest secret.

Meanwhile, James, who was walking inside the palace, also had the same
The appearance of Herschel and Thea made him realize that the phantom beast hiding in the dark was
using his fear and yearning to create illusions.

If he could keep his mind clear, the enemy would not be able to create illusions.

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