The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3439

Chapter 3439

Thea knew that Mount Nothingness was a place where even a Caelum Ancestral God dared not enter.

“Why is he so reckless? Mount Nothingness is full of danger. If he doesn’t pay attention, he’ll die. Why
would he go there?”

Sienna shook her head slightly and responded, “I don’t know. Mount Heavenly Path also said they will
double the previous reward for whoever kills James.”

Hearing that made Thea’s face darken as she asked, “Who went out of Mount Heavenly Path?”

Sienna answered, “The top ten Outsiders of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Sixth and Seventh Heaven
from the last Grand Tournament of the Universe have all gone down the mountain.
They’re heading toward the Divine Realm of Nothingness right now. Once they enter Mount
Nothingness and find James, it’ll be hard for him to escape.”

“All of them?”

Thea was shocked.

“Yeah.” Pleading, Sienna said, “Bria, you need to think of a way. These people aren’t on par with
Honorius, they’re more terrifying than him. If they find James, James won’t be able to run away.”

After a while, Thea calmed down. She knew about James’ potential.

Besides, James had signs of comprehending the power of Karma. Once James grasped the power of
Karma, in addition to the Five Great Paths he comprehended before, no matter how many Outsiders
went to kill James, they would fail.

Currently, her only worry was that James’ cultivation rank was still too low. He would not be a match for
the Outsiders.

Nonetheless, she could not do anything about Mount Heavenly Path’s chase.

She thought of bringing James to her the Callahan Residence, but James was very persistent about
not coming.

“Don’t worry. James’ potential is scary. Both his potential and talent are definitely the most frightening in
this era. Give him some time. I’m sure he can rise.”

Pondering for a moment, Thea continued, “It’s likely that he entered Mount Nothingness to gain more
time for cultivation. Mount Nothingness is a place left behind by the last Macrocosm Ancestral God. It’s
extremely dangerous. If James hides there, even if many people went to look for him, it’ll be hard for
them to find him.”

Hearing Thea’s words, Sienna let go of her worries.

“By the way, have you met James before?” Sienna asked.

Thea was taken aback by the question. She asked, “Why?”

Sienna answered, “Lanathia said that when James first came to the Callahan Residence, he called out
your real name. Your name is unknown to the outside world. Even in the residence,
only a few people know about it. So, how does James know about it?”

Sienna had always wanted to know about this but could not find a chance to ask about it.

Thea slightly shook her head and said, “I’ve never met him prior to this. I don’t know how did he find out
about my name either.”

“Really?” Sienna did not believe Thea.

With certainty, Thea responded, “Absolutely.”

“He’s quite strange, then.” Sienna touched her chin.

“Alright, if there’s nothing else, you can head back. Once there’s news, inform me immediately.”

“Okay.” Sienna stood up. When she was about to leave, she suddenly remembered something. She
asked, “Bria, Wanda should be in Mount Nothingness too, right?”

Bria nodded and answered, “Yeah. It has been an Epoch since she entered Mount Nothingness. I
wonder if she’s stuck inside.”

Right away, Sienna said, “Let’s go to Mount Nothingness too. We’ll find Wanda and bring her back.”

Thea shook her head and responded, “Everyone has their own path and Calamity. Since Wanda chose
to enter Mount Nothingness, that’s her path. If she’s actually stuck in Mount Nothingness, that’s her

“If you don’t want to go, forget it.”

Without saying anything else, Sienna left.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

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