The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3440

Chapter 3440

James carried out his cultivation in the time formation.

It had already been 50 years in the outside world, but he had already cultivated for more than 10,000
years in the time formation.

The Demonic Energy in Mount Nothingness was too thick. Even if he used 10,000 years to absorb the
Demonic Energy, he would only manage to absorb a little. The Demonic Energy of heaven and earth
would still be a lot.

After more than 10,000 years of hard work, his cultivation rank increased.

His main Path was the Sword Path.

Now, James’ Sword Path had already entered the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation. He only
needed to carry out the fusion to form the sigil. Then, he would be a Grand Emperor powerhouse.

The powers of other Ousias were improved synchronously. They had all entered the Quasi Emperor
Rank’s Third Tribulation.

At the same time, the power of his physical body had also improved during this period.

As the power in Mount Nothingness was Demonic Energy, the same as his body, after
the Black Lotus absorbed the Demonic Energy, some of the power would be integrated into his physical
body, allowing the power of his physical body to increase unconsciously.

Currently, the power of his physical body had already reached the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s
Seventh Heaven. If he continued cultivating, he would reach the Grand Emperor Rank’s Eighth

During this period, he did not only focus on one thing. He continuously comprehended the Karma and
the texts representing Karma to predict every change in texts.

Since the Karma texts were too profound, and more mysterious than Curse Characters, the deeper
James studied the texts, the more mysterious he felt about the texts. The change in the Karma texts
seemed related to heaven and earth.

Everything in heaven and earth could be found in the mysterious Karma texts.


James took a deep breath and stopped his cultivation for a moment.
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At this point, a mysterious power was surrounding his body, and the power was Karma.

It was because he used the Five Elements of Genesis during this time. Once he used the Five
Elements of Genesis, there would be the power of Karma. In this period, the power of Karma would be
in his body constantly.

The power of Karma in his body was very strong.

However, with his comprehension of the Karma texts, the damage of the power of Karma to him got
smaller. The power of Karma could no longer harm his body.

James was satisfied. His only regret was that he had not created a cultivation method to absorb the
power of Karma yet. Thus, he could not absorb the power of Karma.

After cultivating for such a long time, James felt tired.

He withdrew the Five Elements of Genesis.

Just when he was about to put the Black Lotus away, he realized that the Black Lotus became more
frightening after absorbing a large amount of Demonic Energy. The power that emerged from the Black
Lotus was stronger now.

“My Natal Lotus has already become terrifying. Now, no matter how many people come to kill me, I’m
not afraid,” muttered James before putting away his Natal Lotus.

Then, he withdrew the time formation.

Outside the formation, the three had been waiting for fifty years.

They never left James alone because Mount Nothingness was too dangerous. If they walked around
the place, they would fall into a dangerous place and be trapped forever.

Once James finished his closed-door meditation, the three, who were not far away, stood up.

“Master, have you finished your cultivation?” the three spoke up at the same time.

James began walking to them as he stretched his back and said lazily, “I’ve been cultivating for a long I should take a rest.”

Hadrian took the opportunity to mention, “Master, why don’t we continue advancing? The phantom
beast in charge of the illusions has said that if our luck is good, we only need to go through three
checkpoints to enter the Palace of Nothingness.”

Indifferently, James said, “She also said that if our luck is bad, we will face challenges continuously,
and we need to carry out the challenges endlessly. I don’t have the time for that. Rather than using this
time for challenges, I might as well peacefully cultivate for some time and improve my cultivation rank.”

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