The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3441

Chapter 3441

Standing to the side, Mia could not help asking. “Do you have anything to do with Mount Nothingness?”

James looked at her and responded. “Why would you ask that? What makes you think I have anything
to do with Mount Nothingness?”

Mia replied truthfully. “I’m asking because of the black-colored lotus you summoned.”

Stunned, James asked, “What’s wrong with it?”

“Are the black-colored lotus’ energy and the Demonic Energy in Mount Nothingness from the same
source?” Mia continued to ask without answering his questions.

James nodded. “Yeah.”

Slowly finding the words, Mia said, “In my family’s ancient books, there are records from the age when
the Holy Master of Nothingness ruled the universe. It’s said that his evil thoughts manifested into a
living creature while he was cultivating one day. The creature’s true form was mentioned specifically to
be a black-colored lotus.

“There are also rumors that Mount Nothingness’ destruction was related to the very same black-colored

As she spoke, Mia glanced at James.

James asked solemnly. “Are you saying the lotus I summoned was the manifestation of the Holy
Master of Nothingness’ evil thoughts?”

“Is it not?”

James shook his head.

Although he knew his Natal Lotus was related to Mount Nothingness, he had no idea how.

After listening to Mia, James also agreed that the Demonic Lotus might be the manifestation of the Holy
Master of Nothingness’ evil thoughts. However, he was not sure how the Grand Patriarch of the Demon
Realm’s Hadean Clan managed to contain the Demonic Lotus.

Hadrian and Herbert looked each other in surprise. It never crossed their mind that the black-colored
lotus summoned by James had such great origins and was related to a Macrocosm Ancestral God.

The news shocked them.

After being surprised, Hadrian suddenly remembered something and said, “The phantom beast
mentioned that there are two conditions to enter the Palace of Nothingness. The first is to have a
karmic connection with the Palace of Nothingness. The lotus in your body is linked to the Holy Master
of Nothingness, so you meet the first condition. I think you’ll most likely be able to arrive and enter the
Palace of Nothingness.”

Herbert interjected as well. “That’s right. You shouldn’t waste the opportunity, Mr. Caden.”

Shrugging, James said, “There’s no rush. There is plenty of time. It can wait until I become a Grand

With James’ words left the three of them relieved.

They firmly believed that James was their ticket to entering the Palace of Nothingness.

James decided to rest for now and relieve his tedious cultivation process.

Fortunately, he could talk to his companions. Otherwise, he would have died from boredom on Mount
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After resting for a month, James continued to cultivate.

He entered the Time Formation, summoned the Five Elements of Genesis to form the Elemental
Wheel, and quickly absorbed the surrounding Demonic Energy.

This time, James did not summon the Demonic Lotus.

He wanted to merge his Sword Path Ousias into a Path Seal.

After they merged into a Path Seal, he would finally become a Grand Emperor.

Calling them forth with his mind, his multiple Sword Path Ousias manifested before him.

The Sword Ousias appeared as dazzling swords. They were formed with pure and mysterious power.

James commanded them. “Merge.”

At that moment, the Sword Path Ousias floated into the air and began to fuse together.

James’ Sword Power skyrocketed during this process.

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