The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3682

Chapter 3682

The other universes’ powerhouses were gathered around the area.

They were puzzled to see James return.

“Who won?”

“Only James returned. Yermolai is nowhere to be seen. Does that mean James won?”

The powerhouses discussed with each other.

At that moment, a voice resounded throughout the universe.

“James has defeated Yermolai and successfully climbed to the number one spot of the Soaring Dragon

A Macrocosm Ancestral God outside the new universe announced the battle’s outcome.

The powerhouses in the new universe were immediately shocked by the news.

“Huh? James defeated Yermolai?”

“Yermolai is an Ancestral God with ten Path Seals. Moreover, he’s from the First Universe. Did James
really defeat him?”

“Is this a joke? How could James from the Twelfth Universe be so strong?”

The prodigies of different universes were stunned by the news.

On the other hand, James felt the Macrocosm Herb’s Power permeating through his body. The
Macrocosm Herb was very miraculous. novelebook.comAlthough he was severely injured, he could
quickly recover. He was completely healed shortly after consuming the Macrocosm Herb.

James stood up and stretched out his muscles.

Standing beside him, Henrik gave him a thumbs up and said, “Amazing. You’re really incredible,
James. You defeated an Ancestral God from the First Universe who has cultivated ten Path Seals. It’s
hard to believe you were so weak one hundred thousand years ago. Now, you’re the first on the
Soaring Dragon Ranking. From now onward, you’re my big brother! Please take good care of me!”

“Thanks for the Macrocosm Herb.”

James smiled in response.

He was proud to have defeated Yermolai.

‘What’s so special about the First Universe? Even though I’m from the Twelfth Universe, I still defeated
him,’ thought James.

After his victory against Yermolai, James was basically invincible in the new universe. His next plan
was to find opportunities and great boons. At the same time, he had to speed up his cultivation and
strive to reach the peak of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. It would be best if he could become an
Ancestral God.
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After becoming an Ancestral God, his strength would be boosted significantly.

James looked at the shattered stars around him.

Stars were matters without life. Thus, they were not protected by the Heavenly Path.

With a thought, he cast a mysterious power and restored the surrounding area.

Immediately afterward, he released the living beings he had transported into the Celestial Abode.

Many living beings gathered on a spiritual mountain in Mount Snow Sect.

Quanesha, who had obtained the second Chaotic Treasure, was also among them.

Since they were inside the Celestial Abode, they were clueless about what had happened outside.
Neither did they have any idea what kind of battle James had fought to protect them.

James looked at them and said, “You’re safe now. From now onward, no one will come to trouble you

Despite his reassuring words, Mount Snow Sect’s Grand Patriarch had a solemn expression.

Although he was an Ancestral God, he was not very strong.

He looked at James pleadingly and said, “Thank you for saving Mount Snow Sect, Sir. However, the
Chaotic Treasure is still with us. As long as it stays with our sect, powerful people will keep coming to
attack us. With our strength, we’re not capable of protecting it.”

While speaking, he turned to Quanesha.

Then, he looked at James and asked pleadingly, “Could you please take Quanesha with you and bring
her back when our universe is safe again?”

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