The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3683

Chapter 3683

Quanesha immediately understood her Grand Patriarch’s intentions.

She knelt to the ground, kowtowed, and said, “Please accept me as your disciple, Sir.”

James was startled.

‘What’s this out of the blue?’ thought James.

He looked at Quanesha kneeling on the ground and said, “I’m from another universe. I came here to
obtain the boons and treasure that will appear here. After everything is seized, I’ll be leaving. How can I
accept you as my disciple?”

Quanesha said, “Without your protection, Mount Snow Sect will become a target to many
powerhouses. If you don’t accept me and bring me with you, Mount Snow Sect will definitely be


James was troubled.

Standing aside, Henrik said, “It’s not easy for her either. Why don’t you just accept her?”

After speaking, Henrik supported her up from the ground and said, “You should get up first. I’ll decide
on his behalf. novelebook.comHowever, you should know your duties as a disciple. You’ll have to warm
his bed at night…”

James rolled his eyes, swung his leg at Henrik, and reprimanded, “Don’t spout nonsense.”

Henrik dodged the kick in time.

James looked at Quanesha and said, “If that’s the case, I’ll let you come with me. You can enter the
Celestial Abode for now. It’s very safe in there. I’ll let you out when I’m about to leave this universe.”

James knew that the other powerhouses would return to this place to try and snatch the Chaotic
Treasure from Quanesha after he left.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Quanesha beamed a bright and charming smile.

James did not say much. He quickly teleported her into the Celestial Abode and bid farewell to the
people of Mount Snow Sect. Then, he left the planet with Henrik.

The two traveled quickly through the universe.

Henrik asked, “Where are you going next, James?”

James did not have a destination in mind. After giving it a brief thought, he said, “Let’s just wander
around and go wherever an opportunity or good boon appears.”

Henrik looked at James and said, “I noticed your aura seems to have changed.”

James nodded and said, “Yeah. I don’t know what happened. After that fight with Yermolai, I discovered
I somehow have a slight connection with this universe.”

After James saved the living beings of the new universe, he formed a mysterious connection with the

James had no idea why it happened.

Henrik thought for a while and said, “Everyone that came to this universe is after the Chaotic Treasures
and boons. They all fought intensely and took many lives of those born in this universe.

“However, you did the exact opposite of them. You must’ve gained the acknowledgment of this

“Although universes don’t have consciousness, each of them has a Heavenly Path. The Heavenly
Path’s Laws control everything in their respective universe. Perhaps your actions were recognized by
the Heavenly Path. If this continues, you might become the Thirteenth Universe’s Lord.”

James gently shook his head and said, “I’m not interested in becoming the Thirteenth Universe’s Lord.
I’m from another universe. If I were to become the lord of this universe, I’d be taking away the
opportunity that supposedly belonged to the living beings of this universe. I’ll also attract very powerful
Karma to myself.

“I’m already struggling to manage the Karma from the Twelfth Universe. If I attract more Karma from
this universe, I might get into trouble.”
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James was puzzled.

Supposedly, Melinda knew about the new universe.

However, she never mentioned the Thirteenth Universe when they met in the Apocalypse Age.

James found it strange.

‘Could it be the Thirteenth Universe is destined to perish?’ thought James.

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