The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3685

Chapter 3685

“Is that so? What did Yukia say?” James was intrigued.

Henrik fell into deep thought. After a while, he said, “She said that the Omniscience Path is a branch of
cultivation available after the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

“However, it’s impossible to go far in the Omniscience Path. You’ll reach a dead end at the Third Stage
and won’t be able to go any further.”

James asked, “Did Yukia mention anything about how to enter the Third Stage?”

Henrik took out a white jade piece, threw it to James, and said, “She did. Everything is recorded in
there. Go through it yourself.”

James used his Divine Sense and immediately obtained the information from the jade piece.

After a while, James murmured, “I see.”

Henrik looked at him and asked curiously, “Are you going to try it?”

“Of course.”

James stood up, stretched his muscles, and said, “Even if I meet a dead end, it’ll still be good for me to
enter the Third Stage.”

The jade piece recorded the steps to entering the Omniscience Path’s Third Stage.

The Omniscience Path was a unique Combat Form.

It was very easy to enter its Third Stage. One could make a breakthrough when in a desperate situation
during battle.

“Alright. I’ll be your training partner.”

Henrik stood up and unleashed powerful energy.

“Okay.” James nodded.

He needed pressure to enter the Third Stage.

However, he was already under intense pressure.

He intensified the formation around his body, causing stronger oppression on his body. At that moment,
he felt like a huge planet was crushing his body.

James found it hard to even stand straight. It was like a huge boulder was pressing against his chest,
making it difficult to breathe.

Henrik did not hold back and immediately attacked.

He swung a quick punch. James quickly detected it, but his movement speed was reduced as his body
was put under terrifying pressure. He wanted to dodge the attack, but it was already too late.

Henrik’s fist slammed into him.

James was sent flying, and he crashed into the ground.
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When he fell to the ground, the potent pressure on his body also crashed into the ground, causing
cracks to form instantly.

The cracks spread out, and the star was instantly shattered.

James stood on a piece of the shattered star and used his strength to withstand the pressure on his
body. He looked at Henrik and grinned. However, his face showed a slightly pained expression. He
said, “Couldn’t you have held back a little?”

“If I held back, it wouldn’t be enough to achieve results. Also, the new universe’s space is still unstable.
I might shatter it with too much force. This place isn’t suitable to train.”

Henrik’s brows furrowed.

Hearing this, James fell into deep thought. Then, he said, “How about we practice in the Chaos?”

Henrik immediately shook his head and refused. “No way. You can resist the Chaos’ pressure, but I

“Then, what should we do?” James frowned.

He would not have a training partner if Henrik could not come with him. How would then he enter the
Omniscience Path’s Third Stage?

“I won’t be able to help you. You’ll have to figure it out yourself. I’ll venture around the new universe.
Come and find me when you’ve reached the Third Stage.”

Henrik did not linger around for long. After he left a few words, he turned around and disappeared,
leaving James alone in the starry space.

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