The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3687

Chapter 3687

James’ bones were also broken by the pressure.

He quickly mobilized his Paths’ Power, and he barely resisted it.


Unknowingly, a shadow appeared before him.

The man wore a white robe. He looked relatively young and was quite handsome. He looked at James
with a strange smile.

James was startled when he noticed the man that appeared out of nowhere. He stared at the man

He looked at the man in the white robe and asked tentatively, “Wh-Who are you?”

The person who came was the Ninth Universe’s Lord, Kallinikos. He was also the teacher of the
Twelfth Universe’s Ancestral Sword Master. The Ancestral Sword Master’s swordsmanship was from

“Not bad. You’re quite impressive.” Kallinikos looked at James with satisfaction.

James was puzzled by his sudden compliments.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Kallinikos from the Ninth Universe.”

Kallinikos stated his name.

However, James had never heard of him before.

Although he knew the Ancestral Sword Master’s swordsmanship originated from the Ninth Universe’s
Lord, he did not know his name was Kallinikos.

James immediately realized the man was definitely a remarkable powerhouse after noticing the other
party could safely stand in the Chaos. Moreover, it was impossible to sense his aura. James
speculated he was a Macrocosm Ancestral God that had been watching them.

He did not dare disrespect Kallinikos.

James quickly cupped his fist and said respectfully, “It’s an honor to meet you.“

Kallinikos lightly waved his hand.

“Are you planning to practice the Omniscience Path in the Chaos?”

“Yeah.” James nodded lightly. He suspected the person before him was definitely a Macrocosm
Ancestral God that had been watching him. Thus, he was unsurprised that the other party knew he was
about to cultivate the Omniscience Path.

Kallinikos said smilingly, “What a coincidence. I’ve also cultivated the Omniscience Path before. I’ve got
a bit of understanding in this Path and can give you a few pointers.”

James’ face immediately lit up with joy. He hurriedly replied, “Thank you, Sir.”

Kallinikos replied with a smile, “You don’t have to be so polite. I must warn you, the Omniscience Path
is very strange. It’s a cultivation branch that doesn’t have an end. After you reach the Third Stage, it’s
impossible to go any further. In other universes, many people have practiced the Omniscience Path.
However, no one has successfully cultivated it to the extreme. Most people give up and choose to
cultivate a different Path.”

“Is it really impossible to go further than the Third Stage?” James frowned.

Hadad mentioned it was a branch of cultivation.

Yukia also left records saying it was impossible to go past the Third Stage.

Now, even a powerhouse from the Ninth Universe was saying the same.

Kallinikos parted his lips and explained, “Yeah. In the cultivation ranks known today, there are only
three stages in the Omniscience Path. One will go through a transformation after reaching the Third
Stage. The so-called transformation allows one to unlock the greatest potential of one’s physical body.

“The Omniscience Path isn’t related to any other Paths. It’s a Path to discover one’s potential and
reach the best state possible. After reaching the Third Stage, one’s greatest potential is already
unlocked. As a result, it’s impossible to go any further than the Third Stage. Ultimately, you will have no
choice but to cultivate in one of the Great Paths of heaven and earth.”

Kallinikos was a Macrocosm Ancestral God and the Ninth Universe’s Lord. He had cultivated the
Omniscience Path before and was very familiar with it. After the explanation, James came to a

Simply put, the Great Paths was about understanding the essence of heaven and earth. Cultivators
had to comprehend inscriptions and laws of heaven and earth, which allowed them to unleash great
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Meanwhile, the Omniscience Path focused on discovering and unlocking one’s physical potential.

One was about gaining a greater understanding of the Great Paths of heaven and earth, and the other
was about developing the physical body.

It was straightforward.

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