The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3688

Chapter 3688

Kallinikos explained further, “The Omniscience Path’s Third Stage is equivalent to the Ancestral God
Rank. Disregarding other factors, you can basically take on an Ancestral God after reaching the Third
Stage of the Omniscience Path.

“Your physical strength will reach the Ancestral God Rank after entering the Omniscience Path’s Third
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Kallinikos looked at James.

“Your current physical strength is still relatively weak. Although you’ve reached the Omniscience Path’s
Second Stage, it will be tough to enter the Third Stage.”

James nodded.

From the information left by Yukia, James already knew how to enter the Third Stage.

He would have to make a breakthrough in a desperate situation.

The potential of one’s physical body could only be unlocked in true desperation.

Slowly improving one’s physical strength was not the key to reaching the Third Stage. Instead, James
would have to keep fighting until he made a breakthrough.

James requested guidance, “Please give me some advice, Sir.”

Kallinikos casually waved his hand, and a few mysterious inscriptions appeared from his palm. The
inscriptions rapidly changed and transformed into eight figures.

“There’s no advice I can give you. You need to persist until you break into the Third Stage. As long as
your physical body reaches its limit, it will unlock its greatest potential, and the hidden strength within

your body will be released. When that happens, you’ll go through a transformation, and your soul,
energy, and physical body will improve.”

“These eight shadows will be your cultivating partners.”

James replied, “Alright…”

Before he could say anything more, the eight figures around him had already launched attacks at him.

The eight figures contained potent strength and moved at rapid speeds. Before James could react, he
was already struck several times, and his whole body was covered in injuries.

“Remember, you can’t use your Path Seals’ Power in this practice. Also, you’re not allowed to heal your
injuries regardless of the severity.”

Kallinikos’ voice resounded.

James took a deep breath.

‘I can’t use my Path Seals?’

He was within the Chaos, and his physical body could not withstand the pressure without the power of
his Path Seals. Moreover, he now had eight opponents.

How long could he last without his Path Seals’ power?

Though he was distracted by his thoughts, the figures around him did not halt their attacks.

The figures kept attacking him and wounded him all over.

Although James was injured, he could sense their attacks were bizarre.

They were beating his body like an iron sword being forged in fire.

James immediately dissipated his Path Seals’ power.

His body could no longer resist the Chaos’ pressure. His bones were snapped by the force, and almost
all his bones were broken in an instant.

The intense pressure also tore his muscles away, exposing his bones.

At the same time, the eight figures attacked him relentlessly.

In just a short moment, James was on the brink of death.

Kallinikos watched from a distance.

Seeing that James could not bear it anymore, Kallinikos waved his hand, and the figures stopped their

Kallinikos said, “Now is the perfect time to improve your energy.”

James sat in a lotus position while enduring the pain and pressure of the Chaos.

“Energy is the foundation of a person.

“Theoretically, the stronger one’s Path Seals’ power, the more powerful one’s energy.

“Now that you’ve put aside your Path Seals’ power, where do you get your energy from?

“The answer is your blood, bones, muscles, and soul.”

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