The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3690

Chapter 3690

James had passed out after sustaining a hit to his back. However, the eight figures continued to attack

The severe pain caused him to regain consciousness.


His face distorted in pain, and he let out a miserable growl.

At that moment, a strong desire to survive rose in his heart.

“I can’t die! How can I go down like this? I have to bring Thea back to the future! Winnie is still waiting
for me to save her as well!”

James was desperate to live.

However, his body could not bear the pain.

Just as he was about to succumb to his injuries, a miraculous change occurred in his body. It seemed
as if a new door had opened in his acupoints.

The acupoints were unlocked, and a powerful force gushed through his body.

The force instantly flowed to every part of his body, and changes began to take place.

James was undergoing a transformation, and his energy was skyrocketing.

Kallinikos watched from a distance and smiled upon witnessing this scene. He murmured, “Finally.”

The figures stopped attacking and vanished from the Chaos.

James sat in a lotus position.

His whole body emitted light, which enveloped him.

The acupoints of his body were opened, releasing magical power to nourish his body.

James’ energy was rising rapidly.

The process lasted for about a month.

During this period, James completely unlocked his body’s potential and unleashed his own strength.
His physical body improved significantly and was at the Ancestral God Rank.


James let out a deep breath, restrained his energy, and stood up.

Seeing Kallinikos approaching him, James cupped his hand and said, “Thank you, Sir. Without your
guidance, I wouldn’t have entered the Omniscience Path’s Third Stage so quickly.”

Kallinikos gently waved his hand and said, “You succeeded through your own efforts. However, you’ve
already reached the end of the Omniscience Path. The potential of your body has already been
completely unlocked. From now onward, you won’t be able to proceed any further in the Omniscience
Path. Right now, it’s more important for you to gain a deeper understanding of different Paths.

“The Great Paths of heaven and earth are even more miraculous.”

James said gratefully, “I really appreciate it, Sir.”


Kallinikos chuckled and said, “There’s no need to thank me. Every Path is profound and endless. You
should keep practicing and do your best to comprehend them. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.
I hope you’ll have already mastered the Sixth Swordsmanship by then.”

Kallinikos laughed out loud, and then he disappeared from James’ sight.


James was surprised.

‘The Sixth Swordsmanship? Could he have been the Ancestral Sword Master’s teacher, the Ninth
Universe’s Lord?’ thought James.

At that moment, James made a guess that the person who helped him was the Ninth Universe’s Lord.

He wanted to use the opportunity to inquire more about the Sixth Swordsmanship, but Kallinikos had
already vanished.

James murmured, “The Ancestral Sword Master said the Sixth Swordsmanship couldn’t be taught. I
have to comprehend it myself.”
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He cast the thoughts aside and headed back to the new universe.

Some time ago, he struggled to resist the pressure in the Chaos. However, he could easily travel
through the Chaos now. Soon, he reached the new universe. He passed through the barrier with a few
steps and entered the new universe.

He immediately felt that his body was lighter after entering the new universe.

He had adapted to the pressure after being in the Chaos for so long.

Now that the pressure was gone, his body felt much lighter. At the same time, he could move much
faster. Without mobilizing the strength of his Path Seals, his current speed was as fast as if he was
using a Path.

“The Omniscience Path is really miraculous.”

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