The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3691

Chapter 3691

James stretched his joints. Hints of ecstasy were written on his face, which immediately transformed
into a stern expression.

“Is this really the end of the Omniscience Path? Has the potential of the human body really been
exploited to its maximum? Sigh!” He sighed gently.

He swept those thoughts aside.

Since James had reached the Third Stage of the Omniscience Path, if his physical strength combined
with the energy of the Path, he would be able to fight an Ancestral God, making him an invincible figure
in the new universe. James was fearless even if other powerful figures of the Ancestral God Rank were
to fight him.

“I heard that the birth of a new universe means that there’s a chance for anyone to become a
Macrocosm Ancestral God. I wonder what this chance means exactly?” James mumbled to himself

Then, he left rapidly and swiftly moved through the new universe. This time, he unknowingly cultivated
for a full ten thousand years. During this period of time, he was completely unaware of the new
universe’s situation, whether there had been a birth of a new Chaotic Treasure or not.

He picked up speed. It was effortless to zip through the entire universe at his current speed.

Very quickly, he relied on his own speed to move across more than half of the universe, sensing the
living beings in the stars. He encountered a moderate amount of living beings in the other universes.
This meant that Chaotic Treasures did not appear in these stars. This was because, under normal
circumstances, the appearance of a Chaotic Treasure would attract the arrival of many living beings
who would compete for it.

It did not take long for James to sense a huge realm ahead of him. It was not the Fire Realm, yet it had
three planes of existence. Furthermore, he sensed that the Divine Dimension of this realm was
attracting many powerful figures and geniuses from other universes.

He disappeared into thin air with a flicker and reappeared at the realm’s Divine Dimension. He sensed
the location of where the many powerful figures and geniuses had gathered. Without further delay, he
headed toward the site.

It was the spiritual mountains. White mists covered the depths of these mountains. Even James could
not make out what rested at the end of these mists. Outside the mountains were many powerful

James’ appearance attracted the attention of the powerful figures, inviting a cautious stare from them.

James found Henrik Declan, who was sitting on a rock. He was chewing on a strand of grass. Taking a
step forward, James appeared before Henrik in a split second.

Henrik stood up immediately once he realized James had arrived. He smiled widely, saying, “James,
you’re here.”

“Yep.” James asked, “What’s going on here?”

Henrik spread open his palms, saying, “I have no idea. This world was created five thousand years
ago. Once it was created, crowds of people flocked here upon sensing its mystique. However, there’s a
powerful Formation here, trapping all of us outside the Spiritual Mountains, barring us from entry.”

James stared ahead. He noticed the formation. However, this formation was not set up by humans but
was set up naturally on the date of this universe’s inception.

He attempted to make out what the formation was composed of. He realized that it was formed by a
combination of various Paths. As such, it was so recondite that even Caelum Ancestral Gods might not
even be able to break it, let alone himself.

“This natural Formation is interesting. There must be something powerful within it,” James mumbled to

“That’s what I think too.” Henrik nodded in agreement and said, “According to the other powerful
figures, this site may be the Land of Providence of the new universe. Whoever succeeds in entering will
be able to obtain the providence of this universe in advance.”

James knew about the Land of Providence. The providence of the Twelfth Universe was once Mount
Nothingness and was locked up later at Mount Heavenly Path by Hadad Theophanes.
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That was no longer the case today.

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