The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3692

Chapter 3692

The Land of Providence was merely a guess of other powerful figures. It was one of the most mystical
places in the universe. Once a person approached the Land of Providence, his own providence would
be elevated. The natural Formation in conjunction with the creation of this universe indicated that this
was surely not an ordinary place. As for whether it was really the Land of Providence, nobody could be
sure. One had to first open up the Formation and enter to find out.

Henrik, who was looking at James, asked, “So, do you have a way of breaking through the Formation?”

James stared straight ahead. This white mist was the Formation created by the mystical inscription.
James had never seen these kinds of characters, so he could not understand them within such a short
time. However, it should not be too difficult if he had already fully comprehended the most mystical
script of all–-the Karma Script.

“I can’t understand them for now, but it shouldn’t be a challenge to break the Formation,” He was rather
confident in himself as he spoke.

“Then, what are you waiting for? Hurry up.” Henrik rushed James.

“There’s no rush.” James looked at his surroundings, realizing that most of the powerful figures
gathered here had only attained the peak of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. None of them had made it
to the Ancestral God Rank.

He was relieved. He was afraid that many powerful figures would have already attained the Ancestral
God Rank, leading them to launch a collective attack on him once he opened up the Formation. A one-
to-one battle was feasible for him, but a group of Ancestral Gods would certainly be a challenge. While
the powerful figures in the new universe were very close to attaining the Ancestral God Rank, it was
very difficult for them to make a breakthrough in a short period of time.

“Let me try and get a better sense of the Formation,” James said before heading in the direction of the

Many living beings were staring at him. Before this, nobody expected that someone from the Twelfth
Universe would be the champion of the Soaring Dragon Ranking. It was therefore natural for James to
be the center of attention for innumerable living beings.

“James is taking action.”

“Can he break the Formation?”

“I don’t know. Let’s see. Maybe he can. Once the Formation opens up, entering the Land of Providence
will allow a person to receive all of the providence in the universe. The Heavenly Path will look after
them, gracing them with multiple benefits.”

“True. Theoretically speaking, there can only be nine Macrocosm Ancestral Gods. Once a person
comes into contact with providence, they have a chance of making it into the Ancestral God Rank in the
new universe.”

“Plus, only two Chaotic Treasures have been discovered thus far. According to my Master, all of the
Chaotic Treasures in the universe will appear in one Epoch. Receiving the support of providence will
elevate one’s chances of acquiring the Chaotic Treasure.”

Many living beings gathered together and spoke among each other softly. They were all very eager to
see James break the Formation.

Very soon, James arrived in front of the white mists. He could sense mystical energy when he got
closer to the mists. The energy was benevolent to all living beings and would not initiate an attack.

However, any powerful figure who tried to force their way through the Formation would be stopped in
their tracks.

James tried to force his entry, causing a scary pressure to come at him in waves. This pressure
rendered him helpless even though he had made it to the third stage of the Omniscience Path and his
physical power was at the Ancestral God Rank.

He tried to sense the energy of the Formation himself. It was mystical, enigmatic, and completely
foreign to him.

He backed up and sat with his legs crossed in front of the white mists. He used Zen to observe the
mists and the Elysian inscriptions within. These inscriptions were like lines that crisscrossed one
another and changed incessantly.

James focused on one inscription. Using the Paths that he mastered, he tried to break down the
changes in these inscriptions, returning them to their original form. Their original form was much easier
to understand, allowing him to reassemble them into the inscription that formed the Formation.

The level of complexity in these inscriptions was comparable to that of the Karma Script. Even James
needed time to thoroughly comprehend them.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

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