The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3693

Chapter 3693

As James was not in a rush, he did not bother setting up a Time Formation.

Time passed. More and more living beings gathered at the site.

Five thousand years passed in the blink of an eye. Many powerful figures had gathered in this period of
time. They tried to comprehend the Formation inscription and attempted to break the Formation, yet it
was immensely difficult, especially because they had never encountered these scripts.

Another five thousand years passed, and a powerful figure appeared, attracting the eyes of many.

This powerful figure was none other than Yermolai Devereux, who was defeated by James the last time
they fought.

Gossipy voices broke out upon Yermolai’s arrival.

“Yermolai’s here.”

“His defeat by James in the Chaos caused him to lose the champion position in the Soaring Dragon

“He must have disappeared to recover from his injuries.”

“Now that he’s here, he must have recovered.”

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Hearing these voices, Yermolai looked solemn. It was a definite humiliation to have been defeated by
James. He was lucky to have run fast enough, or he would have lost his life in the Chaos. Although his
life was spared, he lost the Chaotic Treasure gifted by his Master.

The Staff of Destruction was categorized as the top Chaotic Treasure in the First Universe. There was
a Macrocosm Core engraved on it. That Macrocosm Core alone could be the object of competition
among many powerful figures.

He took a deep breath to suppress the fury in his heart.

It was not yet time to confront James. Once things were set in place, that would be the death of James.
James’ death would also mean the return of the Staff of Destruction.

He walked alone toward the white mists, trying to make sense of them. He wanted to break the
Formation as well.

On the other hand, James invested all of his focus and concentration to comprehend the mystical
inscriptions. He did not realize who had arrived at the site. For a person as invincible as himself,
nobody was worth his attention anymore.

Five thousand years were not long, yet not too short either. For extremely powerful figures, five
thousand years were equivalent to the flick of a finger. As for living beings who did not have a strong
cultivation base, it would feel like an eternity.

After five thousand years, James could barely make full sense of the meanings of these scripts. He
finally succeeded in doing so after spending five thousand years breaking down the inscriptions into
their simplest form, followed by a study of the changes in these inscriptions.

He was shocked to realize that it was the Elysian Inscription all along.

“This was surprisingly the Elysian Inscription of the Thirteenth Universe.”

He took a deep breath. The Elysian Inscription controlled the existence of all living beings in the
universe. Anyone in the universe would be constrained by the Heavenly Path, even if they did not hail

from this universe.

Accurately speaking, this was not considered a constraint, especially when powerful figures who had
reached the peak of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank were no longer constrained by the Heavenly Path.
As long as one did not attempt the forbidden, the Heavenly Path would not intervene.

No constraint per se was established by the Heavenly Path. The Path merely established governance.
All behaviors within this universe would be recorded by the Heavenly Path. From there, new Laws of
Heaven would be formulated and altered according to the behaviors of living beings.

Whether one could acquire benefits in the new universe or step into the Macrocosm Ancestral God
Rank was closely related to the changes in the Laws of Heaven.

Upon comprehending this, James could not help but furrow his eyebrows.

“Nobody has truly controlled the Heavenly Path since ancient times. Even a controller of the Heavenly
Path was not allowed to change the Heavenly Path completely and could only change part of the Laws
of Heaven. Then, what exactly lies within this Heavenly Path inscription?”

James was confused.

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