The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3695

Chapter 3695

Heaven’s Laws stipulated that the Elysian Inscription was forbidden from being controlled and
understood. In normal circumstances, the controller of the Heavenly Path only knew how to govern the
entire universe using the Laws of Heaven. A powerful controller would never be able to completely
control the Heavenly Path, but the controller would be able to intervene in the operations of the
Heavenly Path using one’s immense strength.

Completely grasping the Heavenly Path was not James’ goal. He merely wanted to remove the
Formation here. This was difficult for someone at his rank, but he would be able to do so as long as he
had sufficient time.
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Thirty thousand years had passed in the outer world. More and more living beings arrived, with all the
geniuses in the various universes gathered in this one spot. It was actually rather easy for them to rise
to the Ancestral God Rank. As of the current moment, a hundred of them had successfully done so.

This made Henrik worry, whereas James still remained within his Time Formation.

Suddenly, a flash of white light appeared somewhere far away. It floated rapidly, arriving outside the
Spiritual Mountains in a split second.


“A Terra Ancestral God?”

The living beings were shocked upon sensing the strong aura approaching them. The white light
materialized into a woman in a white dress. The dress was translucent, revealing her flawless figure.
She had an amazing body. Her perfect face was tantalizing, bewitching even, whereas every move of
hers was so suggestive that all men would fall prey to her beauty.

“The runner-up of the Soaring Dragon Ranking–-Yaiza Journee.”

“Accurately speaking, she’s the third, now that Yermolai has been defeated by James and has fallen to
second place.”

“I never thought that Yaiza’s ranking would rise so fast since we bid our goodbyes at the Fire Realm.
She’s already at the Terra Ancestral God Rank. Judging by her aura, she’s already at its peak, a step
away from becoming a Caelum Ancestral God.”

“She must be very eager to attain the Caelum Ancestral God Rank and compete for the opportunity to
become a Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

Yaiza’s arrival caused the crowds to converse in secret.

She came from the First Universe. Her birth was generations after Yermolai. Yet, both of them
managed to dominate an entire age, putting other geniuses to shame.

Yaiza stood in mid-air, looking down at the white mists. Even if she was a Terra Ancestral God, the
mists still obscured her vision.

Hints of delirium showed on Yermolai’s face once he saw Yaiza. He appeared in mid-air with a flicker.
Then, he waved his hand, setting up an Insulation Formation.

“Yaiza’s finally here.”

Yaiza glanced at Yermolai, nodding her head slightly.

“How’s the rest?” Yermolai asked.

She spoke softly, “They’re still performing a closed-door meditation. It’s uncertain as to when they can
ascend to the Terra Ancestral God Rank.”

Her voice was soft yet melodious.

Yermolai said, “Master strictly ordered that James must die. He must not leave this universe alive.
However, defeating him one-on-one is impossible when his power is so frightening. We only have a
chance of killing him by joining forces with the powerful figures of the First Universe.”

After Yermolai lost the Staff of Destruction post-defeat, he received orders from his Master to snatch
the Staff back and kill James at all costs. This was why he contacted the nine extraordinary geniuses of
the First Universe. Yaiza was one of them.

He continued, “Master said that James has reached the Third Stage of the Omniscience Path. That, on
top of his capacity, even nine Mystical Ancestral Gods altogether might not stand a chance against him.
It’s only possible to kill him by becoming a Terra Ancestral God.”

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