The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3696

Chapter 3696

James has no idea that Yermolai had plans with some of the most frightening geniuses of the First
Universe to kill him. The powerful figures that Yermolai sought for cooperation were powerful figures
who had cultivated nine Paths. Plus, all of them were from the First Universe, which meant they were
more powerful than those of the same rank from other universes.

One of those figures has already shown herself–-Yaiza, who had made it to the peak of the Mystical
Ancestral God rank. She was just a step away from becoming a Caelum Ancestral God.

Yaiza looked at Yermolai, nodding gently. She said, “All of them are still meditating behind closed
doors. It will only take a little while before all of them become Terra Ancestral Gods. By then, death will
not elude James, no matter how strong he is.”

This reassured Yermolai. He said smilingly, “James has acquired a number of Chaotic Treasures.
Killing him will render these treasures properties of the First Universe. We will make great gains in our
universal power and can finally declare ourselves as challengers to the Dark World.”

The Insulation Formation he had set up stopped other living beings from eavesdropping.

After a simple discussion, he removed the Formation. Subsequently, the two of them descended from
the air. They waited on the ground.
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James stayed in a closed-door meditation within the Time Formation for countless years. He spent this
period of time comprehending the Elysian Inscription of the Heavenly Path and finally grasped the
operational rules of the Formation.

He was ready to break the Formation anytime.

He did away with the Time Formation. This attracted the attention of many living beings who were
staring at him during his meditation.

“He’s out! James is out of his closed-door meditation!”

“He’s found the way to break the Formation?”

Voices grew and grew while James stood up.

Henrik walked toward him and asked, “James, how’s it going?”

Looking at his surroundings and sensing a number of strong auras, he furrowed his eyebrows and
asked, “There are so many powerful figures around now?”

Henrik replied, “When you were in your closed-door meditation, a rather huge number of powerful
figures succeeded in their breakthrough and have become Ancestral Gods. There are at least a
hundred of them here at this very place.”

“Who’s that?” James asked when he saw Yaiza, who was not far away. He could sense Murderous
Energy emanating from her.

Looking in the direction that James pointed to, he whispered, “That’s Yaiza from the First Universe.
She’s the disciple of a major Macrocosm Ancestral God and now holds the third place in the Soaring
Dragon Ranking.”

James furrowed his eyebrows. He was confused. He had nothing to do with Yaiza, so why did she look
so hostile? Plus, he sensed that her aura was extremely intense. Her cultivation base and rank were
very high—she was at the peak of the Mystical Ancestral God Rank and was very close to becoming a
Caelum Ancestral God.

The Caelum Ancestral God Rank was undeniably a frightening force. It was merely one rank below the
Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank. A Caelum Ancestral God who had cultivated nine Paths was
definitely not someone to be taken lightly.

Henrik was not able to sense Yaiza’s murderous energy. He looked at James and asked, “How much of
the Formation have you grasped?”

A hint of joy was evident on James’ face. He had indeed fully comprehended the Formation and would
be able to break it. Nevertheless, he would not be able to do so in broad daylight with so many eyes on
him. Even if he wanted to, he should do it away from prying eyes and enter the Spiritual Mountains to
discover what lay in its depths for himself.

“I know how to break the Formation. But, let me first enter and see what’s inside,” As he spoke, he
walked toward the white mists.

Henrik shouted in time, “Wait for me!” He rushed toward James.

The living beings who were observing James all this while immediately stood up and rapidly flocked
toward him. There were around a thousand of them, with some already holders of the Ancestral God

James turned around to face this swarm of living beings. His eyebrows furrowed as he asked, “What
are you trying to do?”

One of them replied, “James, since you’ve already comprehended the Formation, why don’t you open it
up and let us all in?”

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