The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3697

Chapter 3697

“Exactly. As the saying goes, ‘Treasures are meant for the fated ones’.”

“James, surely you can’t be this selfish and enter the Formation on your own.”

Many living beings spoke up, wanting James to allow them entry through the Formation.

James let out a slight smile. He responded, “That’ll depend on your fortune.”

As he spoke, he marched into the white mists before him. Upon approaching the mists, an intense
pressure came at him like waves. Then, with a wave of his hand, the laws formed by the white mists
started to evolve, forming a tunnel in front of him.

James advanced forward. A number of powerful figures chased after him, competing for entry. Yet,
once they approached the white mist, the tunnel disappeared, causing them to be propelled outward by
the immense pressure.

“Damn it!” One powerful figure was so mad that he attacked the white mists, only to be struck with a
reciprocal force. The impact launched his body into the skies before he landed squarely on the ground.

“Damn this James.”

“He’s gotten all the benefits now!”

Many powerful figures shouted angrily.

Henrik touched his nose as he mumbled, “I wonder what James might find beyond this Formation. If
this is indeed the Land of Providence, then his entry will allow him to transcend to the Macrocosm
Ancestral God Rank much more easily.”

Chaos broke out outside as James walked into the Formation. He understood how Heaven’s Laws
worked here, so he could effortlessly open up the Formation and enter.

Very quickly, he zipped through the white mists.

He was welcomed with the sight of a massif. The world within the Formation was magnificent. The
scenery was breathtaking, accompanied by a rich supply of heaven and earth’s energy.

Once he stepped into this place, he could sense a mystical energy wrapping around him. He had been
to Mount Nothingness and Mount Heavenly Path in the Twelfth Universe, so he could immediately
sense that this energy was providence.

The guesses by the powerful figures outside were correct. This was indeed the Thirteenth Universe’s
Land of Providence.

‘Such an immense amount of providence!’ James could barely control his enthusiasm.

Then, he calmed himself down and murmured, “I can absorb providence, which will be very beneficial
to my own power. The more providence I absorb, the more likely I will ascend to higher ranks.”

Just as he was about to absorb the providence around him, a thought flashed across his mind. This
was the Thirteenth Universe, but he was a living being of the Twelfth. If this was the Thirteenth, the
providence here should be reserved for a living being of this universe.

He thought of Quanesha Samara in the Celestial Abode and immediately summoned her to where he

When she appeared, she could sense the mystical power. Unable to hide her wonder, she said, “How

She was merely at the Divine Rank and could not sense the existence of providence. However, she
knew that there was a mystical power around her.
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She evolved as the providence nourished her.

“Master,” After recovering from her thrill, she called out to James sweetly.

James nodded gently and said, “This place is where the providence of the universe is gathered. In the
future, it will become the future abode of the Lord of the Universe.”

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