The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3700

Chapter 3700

All living beings wished to cross into the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank, including James. However,
as a living being of the Twelfth Universe, he would return to his home universe and ascend there. The
Lord of Nothingness perished while executing his plan. Now, his plan had been passed on to James.
For the Twelfth Universe’s peace and prosperity, James was determined to execute the plan. Since
Quanesha now saw him as her master, he should do his best to offer her guidance.

He looked at Henrik and said, “I plan to find a quiet place and offer her guidance. That way, I can leave
her in the Thirteenth Universe without having to worry about her.”

Henrik nodded and said, “In that case, I’ll be taking my leave for now. I plan to wander about the

James reminded, “Watch your safety.”

Henrik laughed. “Don’t underestimate me, James. I’m an Ancestral God, after all. In this universe, I’m
not afraid of anyone as long as it’s a fair fight.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” James nodded slightly.

Henrik did not linger for long and turned to leave. James, meanwhile, brought Quanesha back to the
Land of Providence.

Though the providence there was dispersed, a constant stream of providence was being produced.
However, the vast majority of cultivators could not care less about such an insignificant amount of
providence and turned to leave upon their arrival. Only a handful of weaker ones remained, waiting for
new providence to appear. Upon James’ arrival, they froze and consciously made way for him.

James sat on a rock on the peak of a spiritual mountain in the Land of Providence, while Quanesha
stood before him. Quanesha’s figure was curvy and flawless, and her appearance was glamorous.

Such a stunning beauty stood before James and awaited his instructions.

James looked at her and said, “As you have absorbed one-tenth of this universe’s providence, you now
possess enormous potential. You should be able to cultivate nine Path Seals. No matter what you have
cultivated in the past, I will be teaching you the cultivation method of the Five Great Paths.”

The Five Great Paths were mysterious. In the Twelfth Universe, there were living beings who cultivated
the Five Great Paths. Yet, none of them reached the Ancestral God Rank.

“The Five Great Paths?”

Quanesha was stunned. As a cultivator at the Divine Rank, she had heard of the Five Great Paths.


James nodded and said, “Whether or not you can cultivate the Ousia of the Five Great Paths will
depend on you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Quanesha was full of gratitude.

James waved his hand slightly.

As he casually waved, a Time Formation appeared. Inside the Time Formation, he began to teach
Quanesha the cultivation method of the Five Great Paths. He had comprehended this cultivation
method when he was spectating the blossoming of the Sacred Blossom. It was mysterious and
profound, and no one had been able to understand the inscription. However, through James’ patient
guidance, Quanesha slowly understood the rule inscriptions of the Five Great Paths. Then, she began
to cultivate.

While she cultivated, James also entered a closed-door meditation. He wanted to ascend to greater
heights and reach the Quasi Ancestral God’s Path Integration Rank.
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The Path Integration Rank was the final rank of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. This rank was
mysterious and unique. Path Integration meant that each living being had its own understanding of the
rank. Regardless, they would merge various Paths into their Path Seals. However, doing so would first
require one to have a Cultivation Heart. Once one possessed a Cultivation Heart, they would be able to
sense the various Paths and merge Zen with them. That way, he would be able to absorb the various
Paths and merge them with his Path Seal.

Though this seemed simple on paper, it was in fact extremely difficult.

James sat in a lotus position on the ground, unmoving.

In the meantime, Quanesha concentrated wholeheartedly on her closed-door meditation as she tried to
comprehend the cultivation method of the Five Great Paths. James’ explanation was thorough and
detailed, and she slowly comprehended the cultivation path.

After a very long time, she gradually cultivated her own Ousia.

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