The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3701

Chapter 3701

As she had absorbed one-tenth of the universe’s providence, she could cultivate many Ousias.

Time passed.

James’ state of mind became increasingly stronger. His Zen gradually merged with Heaven and Earth,
and all beings of the universe were under his perception. Everything in the universe contained various
Paths. A tree is a Path, and a rock is also a Path.

As his state of mind unknowingly increased, James merged the Paths and absorbed the power of
various Paths into his Path Seals to increase his strength. His aura gradually grew. Unbeknownst to
him, he had merged the various Paths with his Path Seal, and the power of the Path Seals increased.
So, he was able to cross into the final rank of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.

He slowly opened his eyes and dispersed his aura. Then, he looked at Quanesha who was sitting in a
lotus position on the ground. He noticed that she had already cultivated the Ousia of the Five Great

James nodded in satisfaction.


Upon sensing James had stopped his cultivation, Quanesha stopped as well and stood up, her face
was wearing an overjoyed expression.

“I have cultivated the Ousia of the Five Great Paths,” she said with a bright smile.
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James nodded slightly and said, “Not bad, the Five Great Paths are profound and can be merged
further to produce a brand-new power. I believe that you’ll have to comprehend this by yourself. I
believe in your potential. Next, I will teach you some rules of the Heavenly Path.

Many living beings could read the Elysian Inscription. However, comprehending and mastering the
Heavenly Path were no ordinary feats. Meanwhile, James had already mastered the Elysian Script of
this universe and could even change the fate of certain living beings. He could even use this script to
perform Heavenly Path Power to kill his enemies. That meant that if he continued cultivating, he would
become the controller of this universe’s Heavenly Path and the new Lord of the universe.

“Please teach me, Master.”

Quanesha was extremely respectful toward James.

James casually waved his hand and materialized a simple inscription that was linear in shape. Though
simple on the outside, it was in fact ever-changing. James began to explain the meaning of each
change. Then, he touched Quanesha’s forehead, and an inscription entered her mind. The inscription
sigil was ever-changing and mysterious. Every change would form a brand-new inscription, which
represented different meanings.

“The Heavenly Path Script is profound. You won’t be able to comprehend them at your current rank. I
will only teach you the basics of the most fundamental changes. After understanding these changes,
you will be able to understand more as your rank grows. You will be able to perform more complicated
Heavenly Path Scripts and extrapolate complete ones.”

James’ voice reverberated in Quanesha’s mind as she silently memorized everything. Then, she knelt
on the ground and said with gratitude, “Thank you, Master.”

James waved slightly and said, “Let’s part ways here.”


Panicking, Quanesha hurriedly said, “Are you abandoning me, Master?”

James said, “I came from another universe, so I’m destined to leave. You have to be independent. But,
I have to caution you not to use the Chaotic Treasure before you are strong enough. It’s best to conceal
it for now.”

Quanesha nodded grimly, “Thank you for the reminder, Master. When will we meet again?”

“Meet again, huh?” James’ eyes turned cloudy. Then, he shook his head and said, “We will leave
everything to fate.”

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