The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3702

Chapter 3702

James had no idea whether he could meet Quanesha ever again. Once the providence and treasures
of this universe were completely divided, he would leave. He was not from this age. He came from the
future in search of Thea. Now, coincidentally, he arrived at the new universe. With the cultivation
methods and treasures he already possessed, he could reach the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank
anytime he wanted. He only came here because the Lord of the Twelfth Universe ordered him to.
Besides, he wanted to compete against the prodigies of the other universes. Over the period of time,
he had fought against a few prodigies. However, they were simply ordinary people who were not worth
his attention.

James dispersed the Formation and looked at Quanesha, saying, “Leave this place and stay far away.
Find a place to conceal yourself and cultivate. Only reappear when the powerful figures of this universe
have already left.”

“Goodbye, Master.”

Quanesha waved James goodbye with a wistful look on her face. She did not say much and only said a
single word of farewell.

James scanned his surroundings. As this was a Land of Providence, this place still attracted many
living beings despite him already dispersed the providence. James paid no heed to them and sensed
the time. Then, he realized that 100,000 years had passed. This was a very long time.

“A hundred thousand years have passed. I wonder what sort of Chaotic Treasures have appeared in
the meantime,” James murmured as he walked down the mountain.

The moment he arrived at the foot of the mountain, a cultivator walked toward him. He was about thirty
years of age. He appeared before James and greeted him respectfully, “James.”


James looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You have finally exited closed-door meditation.”

The cultivator said, “The living beings of the First Universe ordered you to head to the Juda Realm at

Puzzled, James asked, “What for?”

The cultivator explained, “About fifty thousand years ago, some powerful figures of the First Universe
banded together and captured your good friend, Henrik Declan, and brought him to the Juda Realm.
They threatened to kill him unless you head to the Juda Realm…”

Before the cultivator could finish his sentence, a murderous intent surged forward in James’ body.

“Is this from fifty thousand years ago?”

James’ expression was grim.

The murderous intent emanating from James’ body made the cultivator stagger backward. Fearful, he
stammered, “Y-Yes… Fifty thousand years ago…”

James took a deep breath and forcibly calmed himself down. After suppressing the murderous rage
inside him, he looked at the cultivator and asked, “Who were the ones involved?”

The cultivator shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. I only know that the leader is Yermolai Devereux.
I also remember Yaiza Journee being involved. There are about ten of them, and each of them is a
genius of the First Universe. As such, they have all crossed into the Terra Ancestral God Rank. Yaiza,
on the other hand, has reached the peak of the Terra Ancestral God Rank and is only a step away from
reaching the Caelum Ancestral God Rank.”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“Got it. Thanks.”

Then, James turned to leave.

Henrik was captured 50,000 years ago. Now that 50,000 years had passed, James wondered if he was
safe and sound.

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