The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3706

Chapter 3706

“Come at me all at once.”

James’ ice-cold voice reverberated throughout the area.

“You won’t stand a chance fighting me one by one.”

James was not being arrogant. Indeed, if Yermolai and the rest fought him one by one, none of them
would stand a chance against him. James’ physical strength had reached the Ancestral God Rank, and
his own rank had reached the peak of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. Not only that, he had
comprehended the Omniscience Path’s Third Stage. Now, his strength had increased by leaps and
bounds compared to his previous battle against Yermolai.

At that moment, Yermolai and the others were conversing in secret.

“Do not let your guard down.” Yermolai said, “This place has a formation that would make even an
Ancestral God lose his battle prowess immediately. However, he doesn’t seem to be affected at all.”

“I’ll be the vanguard. Allow me to test his strength.”

They conversed secretly. At the same time, they formulated a battle plan. After a brief discussion, they
decided to send someone to test James’ strength.

At that moment, a living being walked toward James. He was a man about forty years of age. Wearing
black armor, his appearance was ordinary. Yet, he exuded a violent aura.

“I will be your opponent, James!”

The man in the armor walked toward James.

As James was not knowledgeable about living beings in the Twelfth Universe, he said coldly, “State
your name.”

The man answered, “Meine Widogast.”
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As he said that, he exuded a terrifying aura. Then, a sword and a shield appeared in his hand. James
could sense the terrifying power of the sword, shield, and aura. They were Quasi Chaotic Treasures.
Meine was one of the most powerful individuals in the First Universe who used supreme materials to
create the Quasi Chaotic Treasures.

Meine’s body flashed, and he appeared before James and slashed, carrying destructive power. As he
slashed, the earth shook. James simply remained where he stood. Just as the sword was about to
strike James, James raised the Demon-Slayer Sword in his hands and defended.


As the two swords collided, a loud explosion occurred, and the battle ripples tore open the void.
However, this was a huge world. When the universe was created, worlds like this were protected by the
Heavenly Path. Though cracks appeared in the void, they instantly healed.

The two powers collided.

Meine was sent flying, and terrifying power swept through his body. Unable to withstand the power,
cracks began to appear on his body. As his mind stirred, powerful energy circulated throughout his
body, and the injuries on his body instantly healed.

“What terrifying power…”

Meine’s expression was grim.

He had reached the middle stage of the Terra Ancestral God Rank, and he possessed a bunch of
Quasi Chaotic Treasures. Yet, he was unable to defend himself against James’ attack, which
completely overwhelmed him.

At that moment, Yermolai and the others were observing the battle. They wanted to learn more about
James’ strength through this battle.

“That’s all you’ve got?”

James grunted.

Then, his body flashed, and he appeared before Meine in an instant and slashed.

The sword was the Supreme Sword Path which contained the Five Great Sword Realms. When he
slashed, terrifying Sword Energy materialized. As the Sword Energy surged forward, an unparalleled
Sword Intent and the remnants of a Sword Energy that carried James’ murderous intent appeared.
Though ordinary on the outside, the Sword Path was all-encompassing.

Meine was stunned.

He wanted to dissolve this move. However, all he could see were swords coming from all directions.
Surrounded by countless swords, he had nowhere to run.

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