The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3707

Chapter 3707

Since he could not escape, he had no choice but to fight James head-on. Raising the shield in his
hand, he tried to resist. A Sword Energy struck his shield.


The surrounding space immediately exploded, and Meine was sent flying by the terrifying force.
Though the Five Great Sword Realms were terrifying, Meine managed to withstand the attack. Even
though James was near-invincible by cultivating sixteen Paths and reaching the peak of the Quasi
Ancestral God Rank, Meine was someone who had cultivated nine Paths. Plus, as a middle-staged
Terra Ancestral God Rank, he was not a pushover.
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Through the fight, the living beings of the First Universe had seen through James’ strength. Though he
was strong, he was only slightly stronger than Meine who was a middle-staged Terra Ancestral God.
He was probably about as strong as Yaiza who was at the peak of the Terra Ancestral God Rank.

However, Yermolai said, “I fought against James before. He’s not as simple as things may seem. He
has comprehended many powers. In the beginning, I have no idea what those powers are. However,
after my defeat, my master contacted me and informed me that he was using Macrocosm Powers.
James has many Macrocosm Powers.”

Due to this, Yermolai did not dare let his guard down. So, he set up a Superformation to lure James
here. To destroy James, he had prepared for tens of thousands of years.

Yaiza nodded slightly and said, “Meine is no pushover either. He has many tricks up his sleeves as
well. Let’s see how far he can push James.”

They did not act recklessly and simply watched from afar.

After staggering backward, Meine felt a chill down his spine. He was a Terra Ancestral God, whereas
James had not even reached the Ancestral God Rank yet. There was a disparity in rank between them,
but James’ strength was several times greater than his. No wonder Yermolai was acting so cautiously.

After the initial exchange of blows, James’ pressure was alleviated. In the beginning, he was fearful of
his opponent who was a rank higher than him. However, after exchanging a few blows, he understood
that this was simply what a Terra Ancestral God was capable of. In that case, he should seize this
opportunity and annihilate one of his opponents. This would make the coming battle much easier.

Upon thinking about this, he silently catalyzed the Five Great Paths, Yin and Yang Inversion, and
Elemental Inversion. Though the three Macrocosm Powers materialized, he did not show them.

As there was spatial pressure here, his speed was constrained. Besides, this place had long been
sealed. He had no idea what his opponents did to seal off space. At his current strength, he could not
break the seal.

“Again!” Meine roared and charged toward James once more.

James began to receive his attack. Yet, he was purposely lowering Meine’s guard. Sensing that James
was no longer as strong as before, Meine launched a fierce counterattack. His cultivation methods
appeared one by one, knocking James backward.

Delighted, Meine summoned his full power and pierced at James. His speed was extraordinary, and he
appeared before James almost instantly.

“That’s all you’ve got?”

Meine smirked.

At that moment, sensing something was amiss, he hurriedly pulled back. However, he was imprisoned
by a powerful force. Before he could react, James’ Demon-Slayer Sword had already struck him.

The Quasi Chaotic Treasure on him had impressive defensive capabilities. Meanwhile, James’ sword
was also a Chaotic Treasure that came from the Dark Power.

As James struck, he used the power of three Macrocosm Powers. Imbuing the powers within the
Demon-Slayer Sword, he slashed.

The armor on Meine instantly shattered.

“Watch out!” Yermolai yelled in the distance.

However, it was too late.

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