The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3709

Chapter 3709

The pagoda soared to the sky.

Then, everyone realized that this pagoda was formed by mysterious monuments. Each monument had
some sort of special connection with each other, and they formed a powerful defense. Meanwhile, there
was a man covered in blood in the pagoda.

The man was James. Faced against such a terrifying Killing Formation, James gradually lost ground
and was close to being defeated. In the nick of time, he used the Infinity Steles, which formed a
powerful Formation. In the Formation formed by the Infinity Steles, James managed to block the
attacks of the powerful figures of the First Universe and the Superformation. His aura soared, and his
terrifying killing intent permeated the world. As his killing intent swept through the universe, even the
void was distorted.

Yermolai and the others took a deep breath.
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Unbelievable. James was alive.

“Looks like this will be a fight to the death.” Yermolai looked at the others.

The powerful figures of the First Universe nodded at the same time and summoned their full strength
before charging at James from all directions.

At that moment, James summoned all his strength. The power of all sixteen Paths gathered, in
combination with the Macrocosm Powers of Elemental Inversion, Yin and Yang Transformation, and the
Five Great Paths. As the power of sixteen Paths combined with three Macrocosm Powers, James’ aura
rose drastically.

However, since James was still inside the Superformation, he was not safe despite the protection of the
pagoda formed by the Infinity Steles. At that moment, he entered the Omniscience Path, and his aura

soared to the Omniscience Path’s Third Stage. Holding the Demon-Slayer Sword in his hand, the Dark
Wellspring’s power inside his body entered the sword, rendering the Chaotic Treasure of the Dark
World more terrifying. Now that James had summoned his full strength, he could annihilate even a
Caelum Ancestral God with nine Path Seals.

“That guy…”

Sensing James’ overwhelming power, Thoth took a deep breath and catalyzed the Formation once
more. The pressure of Heaven and Earth increased, and countless spatial turbulences appeared in the
sky. The power caused by the turbulences attacked James relentlessly.

There was a black pagoda in James’ surroundings, which formed a Formation and deflected all
incoming attacks.


The space in the pagoda’s surroundings exploded. The scenery was so horrifying that even the living
beings outside the Juda Realm could feel a chill down their spines.


James’ expression was horrifying. As he roared, he charged toward a man. As a Terra Ancestral God,
the man was not a pushover. Not only that, he possessed a Chaotic Treasure in the form of a sword
that contained terrifying power.


The man roared and slashed with his sword, causing a shapeless power to materialize. As the power
was shapeless, even the Formation created by the Infinity Steles could not defend against this attack.

As the power struck James, James suffered no external injuries. However, he could feel his vitality
being sapped away.

Many outside the Juda Realm were dumbfounded.

“T-The Life-Sapper Sword!”

“That’s one of the most terrifying Chaotic Treasures in the First Universe. The sword is able to deplete
a living being’s vitality. Once struck, your vitality will decrease until you die.”

“Makara Jodocus, the supergenius of the First Universe has comprehended such a terrifying
Supernatural Power.”

“Makara keeps a low profile. Though he’s not on the Soaring Dragon Ranking, he has demonstrated
terrifying strength.”

They exclaimed.

Meanwhile, after being struck by the Life-Sapper Sword, James’ vitality was being sapped away.
Though he tried to stop the process, he could not no matter how hard he tried. In just a short period of
time, he had turned into a middle-aged man from a young man with great vitality.

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