The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3714

Chapter 3714

At that moment, James suffered the attack of many Chaotic Treasures. His body was gravely injured,
and some of his flesh was gone, only to reveal his bones. Besides that, there were many injuries to his
bones. Some of them were shattered and turned to dust.

Who in this world could possibly resist a Chaotic Treasure? Not even a Caelum Ancestral God,
perhaps. However, James managed to withstand the attacks. That was because he had catalyzed the
Elemental Body in advance. Besides, as his physical strength had reached the Ancestral God Rank, he
managed to survive. However, even so, he was at his limit. Knowing that James was unable to
continue the battle, Yermolai and the others seized the opportunity and attacked him once more.

James used the Time Path to the pinnacle to reverse time. However, being inside the Superformation,
the Time Path’s effects had been nullified. Only by using a combination of the Time Path and the Time
Capsule could James barely reverse time back to when they were just about to attack him.

“That guy…” Yermolai cursed, “He has mastered the Time Path, so he can keep reversing time. We
can’t kill him this way!”
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“So what?” Yaiza said coldly, “He’s not the only one who controls the Time Path.”

The Time Path was one of the Five Great Paths. Only a handful in the Twelfth Universe had mastered
the Five Great Paths, and even if they do, none of them were able to cross into the Ancestral God
Rank. However, not only did Yaiza master the Time Path, but she had even reached the Terra
Ancestral God Rank. As James used the Time Path to reverse time, Yaiza also used her Time Path to
accelerate the passing of time back to the point when James was injured.

“Damn it!” James cursed.

The powerful figures of the First Universe were too terrifying. The Paths he mastered gained him no
advantage at all.

“Die, James!” Yermolai roared and slammed the chains to James.

As James’ mind stirred, he summoned the Sacred Blossom. The beautiful Sacred Blossom blossomed,
carrying destructive power. Knowing how terrifying the Sacred Blossom was, Yermolai hurriedly
retreated to the rear.

At that moment, a black lotus surreptitiously appeared, and threads of black aura materialized from
within. Shredding through the air, the black aura swept toward the powerful figures. Sensing the
terrifying power of the lotus, the powerful figures did not dare let their guard down and hurriedly

It gave James some breathing room. So, he summoned the Life Path to its maximum, and the injuries
on his body rejuvenated at a rapid pace. However, this was only superficial. His Path Seal was
damaged, and this could not be healed by the Life Path.

Now, James understood the strength of his opponents. However, it would be nigh impossible for him to
leave this place unscathed. The Juda Realm was sealed away by a formation. As he could not break it,
he could only leave upon emerging victorious, but how would he win? James was at a loss.

As the dark lotus materialized, the surrounding enemies did not fight head-on. Even if they were
attacked by the dark aura, they could easily resolve the dark lotus’ power easily with their strength and
Chaotic Treasures.

James’ attacks were negated once more.

At that moment, James’ mind stirred, and a staff appeared before him.

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