The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3715

Chapter 3715

He held the Staff of Destruction in his hand on one hand and the Demon-Slayer Sword in the other. At
that moment, his aura soared.

When he saw the Staff of Destruction, veins bulged on Yermolai’s face as he roared in fury, “Crush

Holding the golden rod in his hand, Shiloh swung the rod, and countless shadows swept toward James.

James hurriedly dodged in time. The moment he left, the space he was in a moment ago was instantly

As he dodged, Yaiza was already on his heels. Rotating the umbrella in her hand, thousands of waves
of light shone, each of them equivalent to a Path, and crashed toward James. James imbued his power
into the Staff of Destruction, and the Macrocosm Core on which began to glimmer. Then, a powerful
force burst forth and blocked Yaiza’s attack. As Yaiza came from the First Universe, she knew just how
terrifying the Staff of Destruction was. Hence, she did not dare let her guard down and hurriedly
dodged. In the blink of an eye, Quasimodo was already swinging his hammer while charging toward

At the same time, Troth catalyzed the Formation once more and sealed off James’ movements. At that
moment, an overwhelming pressure caused James’ speed to slow down. Though he wanted to dodge
the attack, he could not do so in time. So, he could only raise the Demon-Slayer Sword in his hand to
block the hammer.


The sword and the hammer collided. Instantly, a massive black hole appeared in the void. However, the
black hole did not spread and was gone very soon. During the collision, the power of the Dark
Wellspring inside James’ body surged forth and entered the Demon-Slayer Sword. Quasimodo was

sent flying and spurted out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, he was contaminated by Dark Power.
Under the corrosion of Dark Power, cracks began to appear on his body even though he was a Terra
Ancestral God. Upon seeing this, Yermolai made his move. He gathered the power of ten Paths to form
a powerful energy storm.

As the energy storm charged toward James, James was immediately pulled into the storm. Even with
the Elemental Body, he was immediately injured. He hurriedly catalyzed Karma Power and performed
One for All to remove the storm’s power. Then, gradually, the storm’s power disappeared. At the same
time, James charged toward Yermolai at extraordinary speed while catalyzing everything at his
disposal—Space, Time, Life, Death, Karma, and Reincarnation, the Macrocosm Powers of the Five
Great Paths, Yin and Yang Transformation, and Elemental Inversion. Everything came crashing toward
Yermolai all at once.

Being overwhelmed by so many powers at once, the space in Yermolai’s surroundings was sealed, and
his speed ground to a halt. In an instant, Yermolai was struck. Unable to withstand the power, his
physical body was destroyed, and his soul hurriedly made his escape.


The Time Capsule flew toward Yermolai’s soul in an attempt to finish him off once and for all. However,
at the pivotal moment, Yaiza used her umbrella to block the Time Capsule’s attack.

The two Chaotic Treasures collided.

As Yaiza’s umbrella rotated, the Time Capsule radiated a blinding light that forced Yaiza to retreat.

At that moment, the other powerful figures attacked.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Unable to pursue Yermolai’s soul any further, James had no choice but to defend himself against the
continuous attacks. Yermolai was saved. Though his physical body was destroyed, his soul survived.

Yaiza hurriedly catalyzed the Time Path to reverse time. However, her Time Path only targeted
Yermolai and could not control James’ time.

James was caught up in a fierce fight and was not affected by the reversal of time. Yermolai,
meanwhile, returned to his original form.

At that moment, his expression was grim. Looking at Yaiza, he said with a surly expression on his face,
“This can’t go on. He has too many Chaotic Treasures, and he has mastered too many Supernatural
Powers. If we don’t annihilate him soon, there will only be trouble ahead of us.”

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