The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3716

Chapter 3716

At this stage, not even Yermolai was confident they could defeat James. Though they were nine of the
most powerful figures of the First Universe, two of them were now dead, and the remaining ones were
injured. James, on the other hand, was still demonstrating incredible battle prowess. If this continued,
their chances of winning would be non-existent.

Meanwhile, after performing the Time Path to forcibly reverse time and restore Yermolai’s body, Yaiza
was struck by Karma. Yermolai was an extremely powerful figure who cultivated ten Paths and had
reached the peak of the Terra Ancestral God Rank. As his physical body was destroyed, Yaiza was
contaminated by heavy Karma by reversing time to restore his body. Even someone like Yaiza could
not endure the Karma. Enveloped by Karma, her physical body began to suffer injuries. However, as a
Terra Ancestral God, she could still able to resist Karma.

She summoned all her strength to resist Karma and said at the same time, “By forcibly reversing time
and restoring your body, I have been contaminated by Karma. I can’t continue the fight. I have to
retreat to the rear and remove the Karma for now.”

Karma was terrifying, even for a Macrocosm Ancestral God. Yermolai understood this as well. He
reminded her, “Hurry. We will be one person short if you leave. We will have a much harder time
dealing with James.”
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“I’ll remove the Karma as soon as possible, find a place, and set up a Time Formation to remove the

Then, she disappeared from Yermolai’s view.

Meanwhile, James was attacked from all sides. The powerful figures attacked consecutively by
summoning their full strength, performing every cultivation method they knew, and using the Chaotic

James kept using Blossoming, the dark lotus, and the Grand Destruction. Only then could he barely
resist the attacks.

Outside the universe…

All Macrocosm Ancestral Gods of each universe were watching the battle in the Juda Realm. Seeing
that the powerful figures of the First Universe banded together and attacked James, the Macrocosm
Ancestral Gods of the other universes remained silent. After all, every universe is independent, and
banding together with other individuals in one’s own universe was permitted by the rules. As long as
the other Macrocosm Ancestral Gods were not involved, fights like this were allowed. In the beginning,
no one expected James to survive. However, who would have thought that James would possess such
immense power? He annihilated two powerful figures and even injured the others. The outcome of the
battle was not determined yet.

Meanwhile, the other powerful figures outside the Juda Realm were appalled.

“How terrifying…”

“I never expected James to be so powerful. He singlehandedly fought against nine powerful figures of
the First Universe. Apart from the two who were killed, the rest all possess a Chaotic Treasure.”

“What a show, man!”

The others conversed with each other, hoping to learn from this battle.

Henrik, on the other hand, focused on healing himself. After he was captured, he was beaten up
constantly. As such, he needed to rejuvenate himself as soon as possible. Once he had recovered, he
wanted to help James out. With his strength, he should be able to fight against two powerful figures.
Even that would greatly alleviate James’ pressure. He set up a Time Formation and healed inside.

Though he did not cultivate the Time Ousia, a cultivator at his rank had a certain degree of
comprehension of the Time Path. So, setting up a Time Formation was not too difficult,

The fierce battle continued in the Juda Realm.

Holding the Demon-Slayer Sword in one hand and the Staff of Destruction in the other, James was
protected by a Formation formed by the Infinity Steles. Below him was a dark lotus, and he would
summon the Time Capsule to ambush his enemies from behind constantly.

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