The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3721

Chapter 3721

Yermolai yelled.

Thoth, who was concealed in the shadows, kept catalyzing the Formation and tried to kill James.
However, Henrik seemed to have used a mysterious Forbidden Art. The surface of his skin glimmered
a faint glow that negated all attacks of the Formation. Withstanding the pressure, Henrik walked toward
Yermolai and raised the Demon-Slayer Sword.

“N-No…” Fearful, Yermolai begged, “Henrik, this is a battle between me and James. What are you
getting yourself involved in this conflict? Don’t kill me, please. If you spare my life, I will reward you

Henrik said coldly, “This is a battle between the First and Twelfth Universe. You should have expected
an outcome like this when you ganged up on James.”
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Henrik’s sword fell, and Yermolai collapsed in a pool of blood. He was dead.

Henrik did not stop there. Instead, he walked to his next enemy.

The powerful figures of the First Universe were horrified. They could no longer put up a fight. Even as
their lives were in peril, they could not summon any strength. Henrik was like the god of death, who
took the lives of the powerful figures of the First Universe. In just a short period of time, everyone
except for Thoth was dead.

Thoth who was concealed in the shadows was afraid. He knew he could not do anything against Henrik
even with the Formation. At that moment, he hurriedly made his escape from the Juda Realm. As
Thoth fled, the Formation lost its support and weakened.

Holding the Demon-Slayer Sword and the Staff of Destruction, Henrik destroyed the Formation of the
Juda Realm. After doing all this, he walked toward the pile of rubble on which James’ corpse lay. Upon

seeing James who was no longer breathing, tears trickled down his cheeks, and he collapsed to the
ground, falling unconscious.

The battle that lasted several months had finally come to an end. James fought against nine opponents
on his own and managed to annihilate three of them. The rest, meanwhile, were gravely injured.
However, he paid with his own life. In the end, Henrik appeared and used the Forbidden Art to
annihilate the remaining powerful figures of the First Universe. Meanwhile, upon seeing that all hope
was lost, Thoth fled from the scene.

Peace returned to the Juda Realm. On a pile of rubble lay two people—James’ corpse and Henrik.
Henrik was not yet dead. However, his life was hanging by a thread. Though there many Chaotic
Treasures on the ground, no one dared entered the Juda Realm and picked them up.

Outside the universe, the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods of the First Universe all wore grim expressions.
They never expected such an outcome. All of their disciples had Chaotic Treasures. Even so, all of
them perished on the battlefield despite having banded together against James, not to mention
preparing the Superformation in advance. Now, some Macrocosm Ancestral Gods of the First Universe
casually waved their hands and retrieved their Chaotic Treasures—even James’ Demon-Slayer Sword,
the Infinity Steles, and the Time Capsule.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Kallinikos Yoav, the Lord of the Ninth Universe appeared before the
Lord of the First Universe and reached out, saying, “I have nothing against you taking what belongs to
the First Universe. However, you can’t take what belongs to James.”

The Lord of the First Universe—also called the Lord of all Ancestral Gods—said coldly, “James is dead.
These spoils of war now belong to the First Universe.”

“What a joke!” Kallinikos said coldly, “Even if James is dead, his ally is still alive. On the other hand,
everyone from the First Universe has been completely wiped out, and the sole survivor has escaped.

How can there be spoils of war without a victory? James and his ally have won, but I don’t need any
spoils of war from the First Universe. I just need you to return James’ Chaotic Treasures and allow
Henrik to bring them back to the Twelfth Universe.”

Yekaterina Larkspur, the Lord of the Tenth Universe, stepped forward and said, “He’s right. It’s
unreasonable for you to take James’ Chaotic Treasures.”

The Macrocosm Ancestral Gods of the other universes were fearful of the First Universe. So, despite
being displeased, they remained silent. However, some brave ones stepped forward and demanded
the Lord of all Ancestral Gods to return the Chaotic Treasures. That was because they knew that the
First Universe’s strength would drastically increase if they simply allowed them to take what they want.
It would be a threat to them in the future.

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