The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3723

Chapter 3723

Under Kallinikos’ protection, Henrik returned to the Twelfth Universe. Upon sensing the familiar aura of
the Twelfth Universe, he could not help but sigh. Meanwhile, Kallinikos did not linger for long. After
sending Henrik here, he immediately turned to leave.

Holding James in his embrace, Henrik traveled through the stars. As his speed was extraordinary, he
took a step forward and disappeared without a trace before arriving at the next space. Soon, he arrived
at the Mortal Realm’s Divine Dimension and landed safely.

“Where is your home, James?”

Henrik was at a loss.

As he was not that familiar with James, he did not know James was acquainted with in the Twelfth
Universe. He only knew that Hadad Theophanes was the one who sent James to the Thirteenth

After murmuring to himself, he planned to send James to Mount Heavenly Path. In the meantime, he
was puzzled.

‘This shouldn’t be. Master said that James is the hope of the future. So why would he die?’

Henrik simply could not understand. However, he firmly believed that his master was right.

Soon, he arrived outside the gates of Mount Heavenly Path. Immediately, his path was blocked by the
disciples of Mount Heavenly Path.

“Non-authorized personnel are not allowed to enter. Please leave!”

They said coldly.

Henrik looked at them and said calmly, “I have sent James Caden back to Mount Heavenly Path. Hurry
and report to your superiors.”

“James Caden?”

They froze.

Upon seeing James who was not showing any signs of life, they hurriedly rushed into Mount Heavenly
Path and reported the situation.

Soon, a glow of white light appeared, gathering to form a young lady. Upon seeing James, the young
lady froze. A few seconds later, she rushed toward James. However, upon sensing the ice-cold body of
James, she wept.

“Why?! You promised you would marry me when you cross into the Ancestral God Rank. Why have
you abandoned me?” Melinda cried.

Soon, Winnie appeared. Upon seeing the state James was in, tears flowed down her cheeks

Then, Hadad appeared. Upon seeing James, he immediately knew that James had fought to the death.
However, his expression was composed as he asked Henrik, “What happened?”

Tear-stricken, Henrik said, “James fought against Yermolai Devereux, the number-one genius of the
First Universe, and defeated him. After seizing his Chaotic Treasure, Yermolai held a grudge against
him. To deal with James, nine powerful figures of the First Universe banded together and spent tens of
thousands of years setting up a Superformation before luring James into the trap. James
singlehandedly entered the Superformation and annihilated three of his enemies and gravely injured
the remaining ones. However, he also paid a heavy price.”

“It’s all my fault.”

Henrik blamed himself.
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“If I had been more careful, I wouldn’t have been captured, and they wouldn’t be able to blackmail
James. As long as James didn’t enter the Formation, he would be able to crush the most powerful
figure of the First Universe easily.”

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