The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3726

Chapter 3726

For the Twelfth Universe’s peace and prosperity, Hadad must die. Though the price to pay would be
heavy, everything would be worth it in the end.

Upon Radomir’s return to Mount Nothingness, he banded together with the powerful figures there and
executed the plan. Now that Hadad was injured after the war with the Dark World, his strength had
greatly diminished. This was a perfect opportunity to strike.

Radomir arrived at a restricted area of Mount Nothingness alongside a group of powerful figures of
Mount Nothingness.

“Young Master, are we using the Polaris Sword?” Karter asked.


Radomir nodded and said, “Though Hadad is injured, he’s still a Macrocosm Ancestral God, after all.
Annihilating him won’t be an easy feat. I should use the Chaotic Treasure left behind by my father. With
the Polaris Sword’s power, in combination with mine, even if I can’t strike Hadad dead, I can gravely
injure him. That way, killing him would be much easier.”

“Alright. We will be assisting you from the shadows. If things go awry, we will intervene.”

The powerful figures of Mount Nothingness said. Then, they opened a Forbidden Formation here. As
the Forbidden Formation opened, a white sword materialized into being. Radomir instantly summoned
a great force to suppress the chaotic aura the Polaris Sword exuded. Then, he stored the Polaris
Sword away before returning to Mount Heavenly Path.

The holy site at the back of Mount Hadad, Mount Heavenly Path, was the closed-door meditation
sanctuary of Hadad. Under normal circumstances, no one was allowed to enter the place. However,

Radomir entered the place. After scanning his surroundings, he immediately found out where Hadad
was in a closed-door meditation and strode forward.

There was a manor here. In the basement of the manor, Radomir pushed the door open. Hadad could
be seen sitting in a lotus position on the ground. Dark Power was seeping out from his body. It was
apparent that he was contaminated by Dark Power when he fought against the powerful figures of the
Dark World.
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Looking at Hadad, Radomir knelt on one knee.

Hadad slowly opened his eyes. Upon seeing Radomir, he was enraged as he reprimanded him, “Where
have you been all this while?! Didn’t you know that the Dark World has invaded us?”

Radomir immediately said, “I have been in closed-door meditation all this while, so I couldn’t sense
what was going on outside. Apologies for returning late, Master.”

Hadad took a deep breath and said, “Thank goodness the Dark Night Lord of the Dark World retreated.
Otherwise, the Twelfth Universe would have been destroyed. I’m going to continue healing my injuries.
While I’m gone, I will leave Mount Heavenly Path in your care.”

Hearing this, Radomir was stunned as he said, “You’re injured, Master? Let me have a look.”

He stood up. Just as he was about to walk toward Hadad, Hadad waved slightly and stopped him,
saying, “It’s just a minor injury. I will be fine after cultivating for some time. You should leave.”


Radomir did not retort and simply turned to leave. After he left, he closed the door shut.

Once Radomir left, Hadad could not endure any longer and collapsed to the ground, spurting out a
mouthful of dark blood. He crawled up with great difficulty and wiped the blood trace off his lips. At that
moment, his face was so pale that he might die the next instant. The Dark Night Lord was simply too
powerful. A single move was enough to gravely injure him. If he had not used the providence of the
entire universe to resist the attack, he would have been dead.

Enraged, Hadad cursed, “Damn it! Once I emerge as a force to be reckoned with, I will annihilate the
Dark World.”


Then, he coughed a few more times and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

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