The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3733

Chapter 3733

“Now, I’m also a Caelum Ancestral God. Although I’m in the early stage of the rank, it is the Caelum
Ancestral God Rank, after all. Yet, I can’t tell what’s in James’ mind.”

Taking a deep breath, Lana did not ponder on this any further. After leaving Lana, James appeared
before the Grand Patriarch of the Callahans.

In a sanctuary in the Callahan Residence, the Grand Patriarch of the Callahans was sitting with his legs

When James appeared, he stood before the Grand Patriarch.

As if the Grand Patriarch had sensed something, he opened his eyes at once and stood up from the
ground, looking at the uninvited guest before him. He had never seen James before, so he had no idea
who the latter was.

Staring at James warily, the Grand Patriarch asked, “Who are you? Why did you barge into the
sanctuary of my family’s residence?”

Without explaining anything, James asked, “Where’s Thea?”

“Thea?” The Grand Patriarch of the Callahans stared at James.

Ever since Thea reincarnated, only one person looked for her before, and that person was Herschel of
Mount Heavenly Path. However, ever since the master of Mount Heavenly Path changed, and Herschel
seemed to have been held in captivity, he stopped coming.

Now, another person was seeking Thea. At this moment, the Grand Patriarch seemed to have guessed
James’ identity.

“Are you James?”

James nodded.

Upon seeing that, the Grand Patriarch of the Callahans could not help but stumble backward.

From what he knew, James was already dead. The latter died during the battle in the new universe,
and in the new universe, whoever got killed by the Eleventh Universe’s Nine Terra Ancestral Gods and
Paths would be taken to the Twelfth Universe and be buried in the Mortal Dimension.

So, why was James still alive? The Grand Patriarch had so many questions.

“I’m looking for Thea,” spoke James again.

Taking a deep breath, the Grand Patriarch of the Callahans said, “You’re late. After Thea gave you the
Demon-Slayer Sword, she reincarnated.”


At once, James took a few steps forward. As he walked, he exuded a powerful aura enough to shake
the Grand Patriarch of the Callahans, who was at the peak of the Caelum Ancestral God Rank.

The Grand Patriarch of the Callahans stepped back and stared at James, full of alertness.

“Reincarnation… Why?!” James roared.

“James, calm down,” the Grand Patriarch of the Callahans said, “Thea already knew that her mental
state was a mess and that she couldn’t reach the peak. As the path she cultivated was special, her
cultivation rank couldn’t rank up when her mind was in chaos. In order to reach the peak, she

“I put in so much effort to come to this era, yet this is the outcome I get. Even if she’s reincarnated, I
want to reverse the time and bring her back.”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

James was determined.

The void of this area began distorting. Then, the time of this area reversed continuously, and soon it
reached the moment where Thea was about to reincarnate. James saw Thea’s body disintegrating.

He could not help but shout, “Thea, what are you doing?”

Thea was carrying out her reincarnation.

At this moment, a voice sounded in her mind before the shadow in her mind turned around, and a
familiar yet unfamiliar face appeared.

“James, is it really you?” Thea was taken aback.

James seemed to be standing far in the future, but he also appeared to be standing before Thea.

“I worked so hard to come to this era from the future just to find you, yet you want to reincarnate.
Where should I find you after you reincarnate?”

Thea felt helpless.

“James, I don’t know what happened between us, but I have to reincarnate today. It doesn’t matter
which era you came from. If we’re fated, I will reincarnate to your era. We’ll meet again then.”

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