The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3734

Chapter 3734

Before coming to this era, Melinda reminded him not to change history.

Nonetheless, James could no longer care less. He came to this era to find Thea, but Thea was going to

Even if he needed to pay the price, he had to prevent Thea from doing so.

“I won’t let you reincarnate.”

After saying that, James wanted to use all his power to forcefully bring Thea from the past ten Epochs
to the present time.

When he was about to do so, a strong Karma Power emerged and stopped him. Meanwhile, his body
disappeared from that Epoch quickly and appeared in the present time again.

Looking at James, the Grand Patriarch felt helpless as he said, “James, why are you doing this? Thea
has already reincarnated. No matter how strong your Supernatural Power is, you can’t reverse

James felt upset. He did so much, yet there were no results.

“Oh, right,” Thinking of something, the Grand Patriarch of the Callahans said, “After Thea reincarnated,
a part of her spirit was left behind. However, not long ago, the Five Ancestral Masters came here and
took Thea’s spirit.”

Upon hearing that, James was taken aback before asking, “Thea left behind a part of her spirit, but the
Five Ancestral Masters took her spirit?”

“That’s right.”

“When did this happen?”

“Around thirty thousand years ago.”

Hearing that, James did not hesitate at all, and his body disappeared before the Grand Patriarch of the

The Grand Patriarch of the Callahans looked in the direction James disappeared, and his face

“James certainly came from the future, but what happened in the future? What relationship did Thea
and James share in the future, letting James pass through the River of Time to come to this era and
find Thea?”

The Grand Patriarch of the Callahans had a stern expression.

At this moment, in a gazebo at the foot of Mount Element, the base camp of the Five Ancestral
Masters, the Five Ancestral Masters were playing chess.

“The tide is over.”

“The powerhouses of all parties in the alliance have suffered heavy losses, and now we are the only
ones left. It will not take long before Radomir makes a move and wipe out all Caelum Ancestral Gods in
this universe.”

“We worked so hard to create the Elemental Inversion. Now, we need to spread the Element Inversion.
In the future, James can definitely get the Elemental Inversion. It’s a pity that James came to this era
after obtaining the Elemental Inversion and died in this era.”

“Could it be that there isn’t any future?”

“We have prepared Ancestral God Rank Elixirs for the future. If James managed to come to this era,
the catastrophe of humans had been resolved in the future. It’s only the catastrophe. Radomir can’t be

As the Five Ancestral Masters played chess and discussed the matter, their expressions were full of


All of a sudden, a shadow appeared.

“Where’s Thea?” It was James who rushed over.

After learning that Thea’s spirit was taken by the Five Ancestral Masters, James hurried over to Mount

Upon seeing the appearance of James, the Five Ancestral Masters stood up and were surprised.

“James, it’s you.”

“It’s impossible. How are you still alive?”

The Five Ancestral Masters stared at James. No one expected James’ appearance.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

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