The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3735

Chapter 3735

“It’s a long story. Thea has already become a part of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.”

Upon hearing that, James stumbled several steps backward.

“I’m late. Again.” James sighed.

“James, we have divined the future. You’re connected to the future and solved the future catastrophe.
The Ancestral God Rank is prepared for you. Only if Thea’s soul is in the Ancestral God Rank Elixir can
the future you consume the elixir.”

“As for Thea, she has already reincarnated. She should appear in the future. Go back to wherever you
came from.”

“Stop participating in this era’s affairs. The ending of this era is determined.”

“In the future, I hope you can break the Elysian Seal and remove the restriction of heaven and earth.”

The Five Ancestral Masters spoke up.

James already knew everything in this era. He also knew that the current Heavenly Path had been

In the eyes of the powerhouses in the era, the Heavenly Path changed because Radomir feared that
more powerhouses would rise. He forbade any living being to enter the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.

Nevertheless, James knew that Radomir did so because he wanted to create a dazzling world.

Due to the Elysian Seal, living beings could not enter the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.

On the other hand, the universe would continue birthing providence. To become an unrivaled
powerhouse, one needed providence. Now, with the Elysian Seal, no one could enter the Quasi

Ancestral God Rank. This would cause the providence of this universe to grow and accumulate

Many Epochs later, the fate of the Twelfth Universe would become frightening.

By then, once the seal opened and providence got released, any living being in the universe would be
tainted with strong providence. In this way, a batch of dominating powerhouses could be created.

In fact, many powerhouses had comprehended the Macrocosm Power and entered the Macrocosm
Ancestral God Rank.

Everything Radomir did, although this era would be destroyed and cause the Ancient Heavenly Court
Age and the Primordial Age not to have any powerhouses above the Quasi Ancestral God Rank, the
Twelfth Universe would definitely rise again and become a truly dazzling world.

Looking at the Five Ancestral Masters, James said, “Since the ending of this era has already been
determined, and since failure is certain, stop holding on and disperse your providence. Let the
providence return to the universe. Go and reincarnate, all of you. Hopefully, we can meet again in the
endless future.”

“Haha.” The Ancestral God Gold laughed out loud. “We plan on doing that.”
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“Radomir is too strong. We aren’t his match at all. We have been having a discussion. After setting up
a plan to resolve future catastrophes, we will disperse our cultivation base and reincarnate.”

Hearing that, James was rest assured.

He did not want to see the older generation who had shown kindness to him die this way. He did not
want to see the older generation, who had done so much for the Twelfth Universe, die in this era.

“See you again in the endless future.”

James waved his hand as a goodbye.

He came to this era for nothing. Even though his trip here was wasted, he still had some achievements.
He learned about many things, and he had grown stronger.

Now, his only worry was Winnie. However, he, from the future, knew her ending.

During the strife, Winnie chose to be imprisoned. She sealed herself in a palace until Melinda exited
the Reincarnation Pool and until the Fourth Tribulation appeared. Only then would Melinda call out

The mission of James’ trip to this era had ended. It was time to return.

In the endless future, he still had many relatives and friends waiting for him.

Winnie was still waiting for him to save her.

There was a possibility that Thea had reincarnated to the future. He still needed to look for Thea.

After leaving Mount Element, he activated the Time Capsule and entered the River of Time. Flowing
along the River of Time, he began his way back.

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