The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3736

Chapter 3736

Using the Time Capsule, James entered the River of Time.

He continued down the river. When he walked up the River of Time, his body could not resist the
pressure for a long time.

Now, his body was a lot stronger than when he came. This time, he did not feel any discomfort.

In the River of Time, he could sense the corresponding era.

Presently, he was only thinking about Thea. He did not want to see the other eras. He only wanted to
return to the future and look for Thea.

Soon, the Apocalypse Age arrived.

Everything in the Apocalypse Age was within his senses. After sensing the time frame, he left the River
of Time and returned to the Twelfth Universe.

The time he returned to was one Epoch later after he left.

In this Epoch, many things happened in the Twelfth Universe.

Jacopo was in charge of the Human Realm and became the Lord of the Human Race. The Human
Realm formed an alliance with the Demon Realm and the Fiend Realm, controlling the universe. Then,
the Human Race, Fiend Race, and Demon Race fell apart and began a fight.

After that, the Elysian Seal was opened.
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It was only then that the three races stopped the battle.

Following the opening of the Elysian Seal and the end of the fight between the three races, the Twelfth
Universe began its most potent era. This era was a dazzling era. Even the Lords of the other Universes

sensed the changes in the Twelfth Universe.

The Elysian Seal in the Twelfth Universe sealed the ages and accumulated enough providence. This
providence was terrifying, so the Lords of the other Universes targeted it. They sent numerous
prodigies to the Twelfth Universe and planned to absorb the providence accumulated by the Twelfth
Universe and rise in the Twelfth Universe.

Several Caelum Ancestral Gods from the Primeval Age also reincarnated to this era.

In history, some powerhouses predicted that the Apocalypse Age would be a dazzling era and chose to
hibernate. They planned to wake up in this era.

The Twelfth Universe had been suppressed for many Epochs, and finally, the era Radomir anticipated
arrived. However, Radomir did not expect the Twelfth Universe to garner the attention of the other
universes. The Lords of the other Universes sent many prodigies to the Twelfth Universe for training.

The Twelfth Universe in this Epoch birthed many excellent prodigies.

At the beginning of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, the Primordial Age, and the Apocalypse Age,
cultivators only cultivated one Path Seal, and only a few managed to cultivate two Path Seals. Now,
with the blessing of providence, living beings became stronger, and they could cultivate more Path

Cultivating three to four Path Seals was average, but cultivating five to six Path Seals could be
considered a prodigy.

Meanwhile, the true prodigy pursued the extreme and wanted nine Path Seals.

Besides, the Elysian Seal of the Twelfth Universe had sealed countless Epochs. It stabilized the
Heavenly Path of the Twelfth Universe. The level of stability exceeded the combination of the First

Universe and the new universe.

Everything was made with the sacrifices of the many powerhouses during the Primeval Age.

Although Radomir died in the Primeval Age, commencing the start of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age
and the end of the Primordial Age, this dazzling era was established.

James returned to one Epoch later after the time when he went to Primeval Age.

He appeared in the Human Realm of the Twelfth Universe.

Once he appeared in the Human Realm, he sensed the mystic of the current universe. He could sense
that the seal to the Heavenly Path had opened, and he could feel the dense providence contained in
heaven and earth. Any living being could be touched by providence.

If one could be tainted by providence, one could become strong.

After becoming a powerhouse, the possibility of entering the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank would

“I’m finally back.”

James walked on the soil of the Human Realm and found the environment before his eyes to be
unfamiliar. It was completely different from when he left.

“It has been an Epoch since I left. I didn’t expect the Twelfth Universe to have such huge changes in
one Epoch. I wonder how my relatives and friends are doing.”

At this moment, James kind of missed his friends.

He missed Henry.

He missed the Blithe King, both of his grandfathers, and his uncle.

He even missed Quincy.

His memories of the past emerged in his mind one by one.

Even though it had been a long time since these matters happened, he felt as if they had just
happened yesterday.

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